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"One man. Nine mages. Only they can harness the UltiMage Power."

Join Tomah the Warrior on his quest to save the island of Elmaerys from the evil clutches of Queen Sinistria. Being strong and courageous will not be enough to slay her vile minions. He must also be kind, courteous and most of all: romantic.

Help Tomah strengthen his bonds with nine powerful mages, defeat the evil queen, uncover his mysterious past and maybe even find his true love. Explore a huge island with both an overworld map and interconnected areas.

Exploration is key!
UltiMage Quest provides a non-linear adventure. Will you explore the Mercan Woods first, or start your adventure by scaling the frozen Chilltop Mountain? Try your luck at the deserty Aguilo Canyon, or poke around at that mysterious mansion? The choice is yours!

Battle in pairs!
Your party may consist of two playable party members at most, so consider who will be your partner on your next quest. Defeat monsters together to grow stronger. Chat and play together to strengthen your bond. The more you like each other, the more options you will have in battle!

A lot to collect!
Even when you hit a dead end, there's bound to be a treasure or useful item around to help you get richer or stronger. Enhance your weapons by collecting Diamonds, power up staves by fighting Pixies and fall in love by picking roses. Oh, and don't forget to look for special runes that can teach you neat new spells!


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I didn't go to the secret passage in the basement of the mansion right away after defeating all the ghosts. I now have the dark mage. I went to the mansion and the secret passage never opens now when I click on the teddy bear, it makes the noise that it opens but the box never moves. Is there any way to fix this? I am loving the game it is really good. There is so much to do and explore. I really hope there is a way to fix the mansion for the dark crystal as I have no prior saves. Thank you in advance
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