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It is 1315 and the 2nd Crusade for the Holy land is officially over. Peace through out the world spread quickly except for the lost continent of Dargrim. A war lost to history was just getting underway on this once peaceful continent.

Alakemed Mesuma, ruler of the kingdom of Anteox declared that he would rule the continent. Greedy for territory, this king began a relentless Crusade for every acre of this lost continent and vowed never to rest until he ruled it all. It was this year that he declared war upon a peaceful city named Maynard. Not only did Anteox catch them completly off guard, but their military was far too powerful as well. Maynard's ports were burnt so there would be no hope of escape.

The battered city finally pushed back the force and re-built their empire. A young lad by the name of Kent watched this brutial attack and watched his father die right in front of him.
He finds a Will in the old destroyed church and it declares that to whomever reads it must destroy Anteox once and for all. Kent remembers his father and brother and decides to follow in their footsteps as a great military leader. It's payback time!

This message wont hold the complete story so I'm going to set up a link to the most updated thread for you to read and review it all.

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