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...::: What People Are Saying :::...

"It takes a twelve step program, hypnosis, a sex change, and the whole damn Star Wars series to break you away." - Tyrannos

"A solid romp through the desolate streets of a sci-fi dystopia." - Silviera

"Overall, a very solid cyberpunk game that makes excellent use of its setting and atmosphere." - Solitayre

...::: Storyline and Setting :::...

Ferusia, a totalitarian state led by a Government whose people are genuinely happy with their leaders. With a Government focused on promoting scientific research and the proliferation of human knowledge, whilst at the same time eradicating the distractions of religion and bureaucracy, Ferusia has become the most technologically advanced country in the world. It's also a country where crime is perpetually minuscule, partly due to the nation's powerful military-led police force and partly due to the populace being placated by exceptional technological, educational and entertainment advances.

However, despite the vast majority of people being happy with Ferusian life, and despite the power of the Ferusian military, there are still a minority who are unhappy with the current state of affairs. A group of terrorist rebels known as the Free Radicals vie for power in Ferusia. These rebels believe that a democratic state is the only way a country should be run; want more control over who leads the Government; want the Government to be more transparent regarding rumours of genetic experiments performed within the military; and want an end to "Central Ferusia", a high-security slum district where Ferusia's criminals are sent to fend for themselves, irrespective of the severity of their crime.

In the middle of it all are Markus and David, two criminals who have come to accept this punishment and made a living for themselves in "Central Ferusia" working for a mercenary leader named Jade. Under Jade's orders they carry out various jobs for those with the ability to pay and they're about to set out on their latest. One that will drag them into a rebel conflict they don't understand and don't care to be a part of...

...::: Gameplay, Features and Comments :::...

After five years of trying to finish projects using broadly similar concepts to this one, I've finally managed to finish one of them! I'm pretty amazed with myself because I didn't think this would ever happen, but I also know that my past errors largely centred around attempting to make my stories more "epic" than they needed to be, leading to me abandoning promising projects left, right and centre. Because of this, coming up with an "epic" central storyline is an element I tried to downplay in this project, although I'll admit that I'm still happy with how the storyline comes together given my limited writing talent!

What Sore Losers instead focuses on is providing challenging gameplay mechanics within a deeply immersive environment. The game includes formidable enemies that put item preservation at the top of your priority list; a multitude of different minigame sequences such as the widely lauded lockpicking system; a synthesis system that allows you to create and upgrade new weapons using objects found lying around the slums; dozens of optional missions that flesh out the slums you find yourself in; and a deeply immersive, dystopian setting featuring more quotable NPCs than you can shake a stick at!

Latest Blog

What Inspired Your Game..?

So, I posted this in the "What Inspired Your Game" topic over on the forums, but I figure I'll post it here as well since I think it says a lot about both this project and its sequel, Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl.


I guess I can talk about the two Sore Losers games a bit...

Both Sore Losers and Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl have a setting that is heavily inspired by the movie Escape From New York, in that all criminals have been sent to a locked-down urban area to fend for themselves as opposed to the state maintaining proper prisons. Secondary inspirations for the setting include Final Fantasy 7 and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter because both of these games have dystopian societies where slums feature prominently, although in those two games the slums aren't there for the sake of criminals. Another inspiration would be the Streets of Rage games, a game that is referenced heavily in the original Sore Losers in homage to how much I love that series*.

That the original Sore Losers has lots of "one-off" minigames (sniping, chase sequences, helicopter flying, a Frogger minigame** and others) is inspired by the three PS1 Final Fantasy games (7, 8 and 9). All of those titles contained plenty of "one-off" minigames that broke up the standard JRPG gameplay. FF7 was especially great at integrating those segments into the storyline (snowboarding, motorcycling, marching, the hypothermia section etc.) and so that's what I sought to emulate with Sore Losers. I think the result was hit-and-miss based on reviews, but I'm going to try to take those criticisms and use them to create better "one-off" minigames for Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl, which will follow in the same tradition.

Both Sore Losers and Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl also focus quite heavily on "recurring" mini-games (lockpicking, hacking, hotwiring, smashing and others***) and this was largely inspired by the minigames seen in Fallout 3, where lockpicking and hacking also feature prominently****. My original concept for the hacking minigame in Sore Losers was actually a complete rip-off of the hacking minigame in Fallout 3, which based on reviews might have been a better choice than the maths-based minigame I ended up with! Fortunately for you guys, the hacking minigame in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl will be vastly different based on the those same reviews!

Graphically, I'd say that the original Sore Losers was mostly inspired by another RPGMaker game, The Burning Grail. The credits sequence at the end of Sore Losers is an homage to the excellent, excellent opening sequence contained within that game. You could also say that the movement system in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl is inspired by The Burning Grail, although it probably owes more to multiple point-and-click adventure titles (without the actual point-and-click because RM2K3). The graphics used in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl aren't inspired by anything other than my wish to make the game look more "cyberpunk" than Sore Losers did; I never really got across the "cyberpunk" stylings I wanted in the original Sore Losers, something deftly pointed out by Darken in his review of the game.

*Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl was originally thought-up as being a cross between a JRPG and a side-scrolling beat 'em up, but it somehow ended up as a cross between a JRPG and a point-and-click adventure game. Probably because I wanted to use RM2K3 and the idea of making a side-scrolling beat 'em up in RM2K3 scares the pants off me. It is still something I'd like to do though!
**The "Frogger" minigame in the original Sore Losers eventually evolved into Frog, The Collector, which is one of my other titles. That game also takes inspiration from Pacman and similar arcade classics.
***Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl is actually going to have loads more "recurring" minigames than Sore Losers.
****Did you know that the Bethesda Fallout games were originally going to have a surgery minigame for healing crippled limbs? Imagine Surgeon Simulator but via a Pipboy. It was cut to help the pacing of battles, which was probably the correct decision.


That thing you want but never who I am
You're back! I missed you.
Hey man, I'm enjoying your game, but I've given up after crashing into the same barrel about ten times during the ahem ahem spoiler you-know-what-I-mean scene. Any chance of, you know... a revision where I don't have to beat it? There doesn't seem to be anything I can do differently.
If you really wanted to you could open the game in RM2K and then remove all the obstacles in those scenes. After testing those so many times to get the difficulty right, though, I don't think they're that bad - my hint would be to press the direction key a little earlier than you would since RM2K works on a tile-by-tile basis and if you miss the timing it will step forward before executing your command...
Oh, heh. Never mind. I somehow managed to miss the doorway. Completely my fault. You even had a big cartoon glove pointing to the door.

Sorry about that, I could've perhaps made the hand a little bigger.
Is my opinion important or something?
It is amusing to put your closing points in direct contrast with other people's more positive closing points.

So, important? No more so than anyone else's opinion. Amusing, yes.
Explain how this is amusing??? I don't get it.
I just find it quite amusing, no specific reason.
I liked it! remind me Fallout 2!

And, now what's about... SORE LOSERS 2???
How did it remind you of Fallout 2? Just seems like a strange comparison to make since this isn't all that sandbox-y.

And, Sore Losers 2 you say? Try this
I checked, I know already SL2 Riot grrl, but it's totally different, and...
Obliviously experimental.

It reminds me Fallout2 , because of the Athmosphere, just like F2.
I suppose the atmosphere is very bleak although, apparently, I ruined that with the music I used!

Riot Grrrl is really experimental but I don't have many intentions of making another "traditional" RPG right now. After finishing this project I am thinking of moving to GameMaker or some other non-RM system so I doubt I will be using those to make a 10-hour+ RPG.
Hello. I'm new to the site and I began playing your game just a short while ago Fallen-Griever. I am enjoying it quite a bit so far, fun atmosphere, nice nostalgic music choices (I love the use of the streets of rage music).
I had a problem typed before but I realized I had not known Locke when he first joins you is only a "guest" character so you can't alter his equipment, so nevermind!
Thanks for the nice comments.

I had a problem typed before but I realized I had not known Locke when he first joins you is only a "guest" character so you can't alter his equipment, so nevermind!

Yeah, I didn't want people wasting equipment on characters who were going to leave the party after a relatively short space of time. Losing equipment in this way has always bugged me.
Fallen, I love this game, because well it's awesome, but I'm having a bit of a problem. After making my way through the subway, I saved. Then I went up through the doorway, the cutscene starts, Mark and David talk to Alexis about her plan, then it says "A New Item was added to the To-Do list!" then it promptly takes me to the GAME OVER screen. I was wondering if that's happened to anyone else, or if you'd know a solution. Also: Mark and David both have ZERO HP (they died at the end of the subway fight, and I don't have any smelling salts.) Or if I was just making the wrong choices in the dialogue ...
I think I know what has happened here...

If the party is messed around with and you end up with all 0HP members (i.e. if Alexis was taken out of the party and you ended up with just 0HP Mark and David) then the game will give you a game-over. There is some redundant code in that scene that (may) mess with the party (if I remember correctly) so I'll have a look through and try to release a patch (there were some other smaller fixes I wanted to make anyway... this gives me an excuse to actually do it).

Apologies for this happening; if you send me your save-file (upload it to your locker, if it fits, and I'll download it) then I can fix this for you.
how do i play it? I mean even start iot from a RaR file?
You don't. Extract it with winrar.
Extract it with winrar, like Detra said, and then follow the instructions on the FAQ page: