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Relentless: Ranger is a fantasy side scrolling rogue-lite RPG. Slash, shoot, sneak, die, and repeat as the next strider to brave the impossible mission. Each ranger lives once. Once he dies, you must select another to attempt the quest.

Bows, swords, and spells. Use a variety of weapons and magic to overcome your opposition in tough but fair combat. Beware that brainless button mashing will get you nowhere fast. You must also utilize dodges, jumps, and impeccable timing if you hope to survive.

In a land where evil reigns, not only are the odds stacked heavily against you, you must complete the quest in a limited time. With each passing day a ranger spends, the Dark becomes more powerful until the challenge becomes inevitably insurmountable. Will you spend extra time to heal in town? Or will you trudge on to save time and hope you get lucky?

Nine disciplines to train from Archery to Beastmastery. Combined with inherent talents and flaws, each ranger will play differently. Perhaps you will pick a Legolas-like archer of death who can plow through levels through sheer arrow power? Or select one who relies more on stealth and magic? Or another who relies on the aid of forest animals?

Rescue villagers, find artifacts, or just invest money in the town. You will be rewarded with better weapons, more potions, and beds with less fleas. Help make the town a better place and the mission less unreasonable, if not for you, at least for your successors.

Choices matter in addition to the procedural generation of fate. Each ranger will encounter different people and situations during his quest. Depending on your choices, his subsequent path will be altered, taking him to new locations, dangers, and treasures. Although all seek the Seed, no ranger will travel the same path.

The game will be commercially available on Steam when it releases in December. Before then, the RMN link will always point to the latest free-to-play demo. Even after release, RMN will always have an exclusive free-to-play version available!

The game currently still has a long way to go with many exciting features planned. Feel free to leave suggestions!

Want to talk more about the game? You can join our Discord here:

Latest Blog

Demo 0.2 Released!

We published a new playable demo to Steam! You can play 2 stages: the accursed swamp and the Temple of the Moon. Try it for free on Steam:

We also did a small dev stream here:
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