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It's Ramina's birthday, and she's having a sleepover with her two best friends!

Before going to bed, the girls take part in a "silly" internet birthday challenge, which involves reciting an incantation to summon a demon... what could go wrong?

There is no side-by-side comparison in this (mildly) creepy "Spot the difference" style game! The player must try to memorize the appearance of a room, before moving into another version of it, where small details have been changed.

This was an entry for the 14th RMN Birthday Event. Participants had to make a game within 14 hours over the span of a week, and they had to include at least one of the following prompts somewhere within the game: (Copied from event page)
- The phrase "Happy Birthday, you filthy animal!"
- Your current favourite song
- A fish trying to hitch-hike to Alaska
- A militaristic bird
- A philosophy major who talks in 13375P34K
- The phrase "I will finish making a game!"
- The phrase "I will not beg RMN for pizza."
- The world's unluckiest person
- RMN Boba Challenge
- An old man complaining about something ridiculous
- Three different memes
- A missing present
- Too many butterflies
- A childish rap battle
- A talking birthday cake
- The Happy Birthday song sung incorrectly
- 14 of something to find/collect
- Spinach

This is my first completed RPG Maker game! I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

*A couple of minor changes were made for this upload, after the event ended, to fix potentially confusing aspects that were revealed during the livestream playthrough by Liberty. (Development time still fell well within 14 hours!)

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