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The Odyssey Board Game was an English project I had to do. Basically it was to create a project of any of the choices given by the teacher and make it based upon a book you've read. I got permission to make a computer board game using RM2k3. Originally it was planned for a different book and the genre was an RPG, however, my friend wanted to be my partner. Although, he did not do much work and he actually delayed the project until 3 days before the due date. So in those 3 days, I had to make the game. It was finished upon the final day and became a success. My teacher enjoyed it and so did my peers. A public release was not intended but I decided to since my other game was delayed and I wanted to release something for the Release Something Event. And yes it is a complete game and will not be released until June 20.

Obviously, the game is a board game. It can be played in either 1 player mode or 2 player mode. In 1 player mode, you continuously roll a die until you reach the end. In 2 player mode, each player takes turns rolling the die.
Each time you roll the die, you go on the number of panels depending on what number you rolled. There are several different panels that you can land on; each of them has their own unique effect on the player.
The ? panel gives you a question to answer. If you answer it correctly, you get 5 points. If not, you don't lose anything. The reverse arrow panel makes you go backwards. You roll a 1-3 die and go backwards the same amount you rolled.
The arrow panels indicate which way to turn. It has no effect. The E panel is an event panel. It shows a brief scene of what happens to Odysseus and other things.
The item panel gives you a random item. The blue panel gives you 1-3 points. The red panel takes 1-3 points. Points are a half currency system and a half point system. It works as money for shops and also determines your overall score in the end. There are three different types of items: Double Panel, Dice Roll, and Triple Roll. Double Panel doubles your die roll. Ex. Roll a 2 and you get a 4 panel movement. Dice Roll allows you to roll two dice. Ex. Roll one 3 and one 4 and you get a 7 panel movement. Triple Roll allows you to roll three dice. Ex. Roll one 5, one 6, and one 3 and you get a 14 panel movement! Another panel that might be made for the public release will be a chance panel. A chance panel is where you can gamble your points. You can use items anytime during your turn! The goals of the gameboard include who can get to the finish first, who can collect the most points, and who can get to the finish with the least die rolls!

-Many of the scenes in the book were either altered or not presented in the game.
-This game was created in less than 3 days. So don't expect too much from it (custom graphics, no errors or bugs, etc.)
-The overall game takes around 10-15 minutes to finish. Saving is also possible for those who don't finish in time.
-The game will be released as a public version meaning it will be slightly edited.
-The game is moleboxed.

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The Odyssey has been released!

During the last week of finals, I was unable to have enough time to add the chance panel. I did, however, fixed some minor bugs and spelling errors within the game. Sorry for the lack of effort. I had 3 days to make this and barely any time to edit it due to finals and because the Release Something! event was a day right after the school year ends. I hope many of you find it rather "fun" and hopefully does not waste 10-15 minutes of your time. It's one of the only board games I've seen on RM2k3 so I guess it's somewhat unique. Enjoy!
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  • 06/16/2009 07:06 PM
  • 07/23/2015 07:11 PM
  • 06/19/2009
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I usually don't play other people's RM games (makes me lose time on my own) but since I always wanted to make a board game on the RPG Maker, this is too intriguing to pass up.
This looks cool. I'm downloading this whenever I have time.
This was a delightful game despite being rushed. I have reviewed it and hopefully the review will be approved soon. :)
Whoa! =D Just what I've always wanted! An Odyssey Video Game!...>Well actually I wanted a TV show based on the Odyssey but set in space, but video game that's also baord game? A good close second. ^_^ Gonna try it!
This was pretty fun! Would have preferred a real Odyssey game but I like how well scripted most of your systems are....Though some need some more love. Your panels are too loose. - -; She ship went off onto the decretive map when I got to the land of the dead. ^^; Though I love the game itself. You get four stars for effort and for making my dream of playing a Odyssey RPG. ^_-
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