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The Odessy of Epic Bugs!

The Opening (Because it exists)
Well, what can I say on this game? It is interesting, for sure, but there is one bug that ruined the game experience for me. It is encrypted in a way that this game required absurd amounts of toying with to load on my windows 7 computer, and even then it only ran in windowed mode.Now with this in mind, it is indeed a computerized board game, for better or worse.

The Gameplay! (or the What do I do, Sarge? section)
The gameplay is simple, like a board game should be. I played this on both modes that were offered, cut-scenes or none, and I will advise you to play with cut-scenes on! Without them, the game feels hollow and almost like a pointless Trivia game. The gameplay consist of you rolling a virtual die, and you taking a few steps. You may land on a square that gives you points, a square that makes you go backwards, a "Trivia" square that makes you answer questions about The Odyssey(More on that in the story section below) and a event square, which will whisk you off course to some other part of the map. There are also shops here ant there so you can spend your hard earned points for items like rerolls and such. Overall, the gameplay feels like a board game, but it makes it obviously feel like a computerized one alone, if just due to its large size.

The Story (The meat of it all)
Well, let me ask you a question: How many people here have read The Odyssey before? Hmm, seems like a few of you guys are willing to volunteer... How many of you have FINISHED The Odyssey? Ah, much better and to you who decided to stick your arm up, good for you. I come from the former of this group, a person whom only read parts of The Odyssey while trying to pass my english language class as a boy, and because of it this game was not very forgiving. The story is the same as The Odyssey, for the most part, in a board game format. That is to say, if you are like me, most of the Trivia will go over your head, thus reducing the experience into a guessing session. Well, the story is not bad, but the asking nature of it requires you to be familiar with the source. Hmm.

The Visuals and the Music! (Hmm...)
For the most part, we are talking classic rm2k rtp and other material more commonly seen era 2000 or so. Not bad, but not that good. Music never loaded for me, other then on the title screen and even that was not special. The boat did look custom though.

The Fun Value(Wait, the what?)
My enjoyment on this was extremely dampened as this IS a Trivia game. It constantly asks questions about The Odyssey, which if you don't remember, you are not helped at all. There is literally nearly no challenge, and the game itself does not help you when you need it to help answer its inane questions. This tossed in with the game breaking bug for me made its fun value very low for me.

The Finisher! (And Advice as well!)
It's a board game. Yeah. And it suffers the same flaws of every board game does, but it does have some decent features. I mean, as an educational game, this is amazing, but as a rpg maker game, I rather stick to other rpg games. My advice to the developer is simple: DECRYPT THE GAME AND RE-RELEASE IT!!! Encrypted games like this never run well on future OSes, so if you want anyone to play it in another ten years, DECRYPT it. God knows it needs it.


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Oh wow. I'm glad I did not run into any of those bugs. It loaded right up for me. And I agree that the trivia portion would be hard without knowing the book pretty well.
Oh wow. I'm glad I did not run into any of those bugs. It loaded right up for me. And I agree that the trivia portion would be hard without knowing the book pretty well.

The triva section was extremely arduous to me, due to my relative little experience with the source material and well the messing around to get it to work in the first place made my opinion of it a little stingy I'm afraid. Overall, it was not that bad.
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