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B-14 Bird Fortress is a horizontal scrolling shmup. You play a militaristic bird defending his air space against too many butterflies. The action is fluid and compels you to get the highest score.

The velocity of your bird adds up to your projectile velocity so you can shoot while moving forward for a fast shot and shoot while moving up or down for a diagonal shot.

The game was made under the very tight constrain of the RMN 14th birthday event: make a game in less than 14 hours !

Inclusions from the event requirement list:
- The phrase "Happy Birthday, you filthy animal!"
- A militaristic bird
- One meme and one reference to a famous plane (would at best count as 2 memes)
- Too many butterflies
- At least 5 minutes of playtime (if you git gud !)

* Arrow keys to move
* Right Ctrl to shoot
* Return to confirm
* F4 to toggle fullscreen on/off

The Flight Control menu lets you fully remap the control keys.
You can restore the default key settings by deleting the file "Settings.bin" from the Common folder.

B-14 Bird Fortress runs on Windows and Linux. The game stores all its data in its archive decompression folder. It will not store data anywhere-else, not even in Windows registry.

Latest Blog

Updated download

B-14 Bird Fortress has a updated download. The download on the game page benefits from the comments I received on the game I submitted to the 14th birthday event.

List of improvements:
* Revised scoring system
* A tutorial that presents your full move set
* Indications on the main menus so you can reconfigure the keys even if you made some incorrect assignations
* Other minor fixes
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  • Action Shooter
  • 06/26/2021 10:32 AM
  • 07/06/2022 05:39 PM
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