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War has ended in Seralia, but the scars are far from healed.

Decades of fighting have ended in a stalemate. The citizens are left to pick up the pieces. Precocious teenager Chel embarks on a cross-country trip to track down her family and unravel the secrets of a missing generation. Along the way, she meets loyal comrades and other-wordly foes. Seralia may be in ruins, but a new day is dawning.

Explore a dystopian landscape with a mix of archaic and fantastical technology. Build weapons from scrap parts and put them to use in battle. Recruit companions, travel in style with speedy vehicles, and keep track of your quests in your handy logbook as you uncover the depths of a vast government conspiracy.

For more information, view the game's Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1544000/For_a_Vast_Future/

This game is also planned to release on the Nintendo Switch.


Note from author: This game is another stab at a Gameboy-style jRPG, a tribute of sorts to the Final Fantasy Legend series, Pokemon, and Gameboy Zelda entries. Although it takes on a similar aesthetic to those games, it pulls in convenience features and influences from more modern games. Combining years of game-dev experience, including 2017's indie release Shadows of Adam, this game will appeal to RPG fans looking for a game that's both easy to pick up and also more experimental at times.

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