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i mean come on do you know how hard it is to fight another battle when all your teamates have little life left, and the food barely does anything. dude great game and story but its just not long enough, and i have to keep going back to the hotel to sleep i knew something bad was happining but i was trying to level up for + i saved before i went to sleep u knwo what that means....yeah i have to start over. make it so that food do better, there is someway you can travel back in time a few days, and that the enemys are from super easy to unbeatable, OMG where te hell is a walkthrough that can be use to beat the game.... i say all you gotta do is ATTACK and thats it. ive played alot of games, and i see how you are tryign to make it on the player with a timeline, but there is no clear way of me knowing that im fighting super hard monster with three people vs 6, i found one miniboss which of course i lost by 100 :(. look find a way to go back in time to give the player a better chance of winning, or a walkthrough cause i din't understand how am i suppose to gain all this stuff in 10 days, without getting own.

simply here what i mean, enemys can be easy or hard at random and can be like 6vs3. the food really doesn't help, 10=2 hours max cause of the teamates being knock out after one or two fights making you SLEEP AND SAVE! then the next day you could lose. and oh yeah clear direction....yes i got all the prohets stuff but once you get them its all over time is ticking and you are losing. p.s. i HAVE to restart now cause i saved one day before i lose and well...what can i do?


Vsions & Voices Smut

Because Nessiah's a dear.


And yes, that is Elena horrified at what is going on. I guess it's really all her fault, though, letting Ox get ideas in his head from those letters she kept...


External Review

Play This Thing has reviewed Visions & Voices.


The game becomes somewhat surreal in later days, with the protagonist hearing voices and subject to visions that play an important part in unravelling the game's mystery. This is, to be sure, an unusual aspect to an RPG. In some ways, Visions & Voices plays out more like a graphic adventure than an RPG.

In short, while the game is subject to the limitations of RPG Maker, Karsuman and Craze are pushing the tool in experimental and interesting directions.


Lots and lots and lots of tropes


I know that I blogged about this a week or two ago, but the page is really exploding. It's really worth a look to see just what's what - if you've played the game, maybe you'll learn/realize something. If you haven't, it might just entice you into satisfying your newfound curiosity.


New Background

So I took some of the V&V textbox, cut out a 32x32 tile that was over some grass, and patterned it onto our page using the new CSS editor. I'm playing around with it a bit more now, but I can't get the link: and visited: stuff to work (I don't know anything about CSS).


TVTropes Page for V&V


Visit, support and work on the V&V TVTropes page. It was started by a cool guy named Fool who also did a page for The Reconstruction.

If you don't know about TVTropes and have a few hours of your life to improve your mind, check it out. It's a wiki of amazing TV/literature/videogame-related stuff.


The Final V&V Blog

Before I begin, this is not being made in response to Craze's topic - though it is undoubtedly influenced by it.

Back in late May or early June of this year, Craze and I had an idea to make a game together. We had tried before but never actually succeeded. We talked it over for a few days and conceptualized the basics, and decided to give it the go ahead.

There was one major issue - it had to be released before Craze left to work for the summer. Last paragraph I mentioned that we had started games together before. Well, more then one of them had died over his two month-long excursions. We knew that if we did not finish it before he left it would be doomed to die. And so production began - and quickly.

I have never written so much in so little time. Craze was overworked too. We had to cut corners here and there to even have a prayer of finishing the damn thing, and it sure as hell showed in the final result. Though 'complete', the game was buggy and the battles extremely tedious. It also had issues with direction and terribly useless descriptions for pretty much everything in the game. Our deadline came and Craze had to leave, so that is how it would stay. To paraphrase all three of V&V's old reviews, the game "lacked direction, had horribly conceived battles and useless descriptions, but the writing was neat and the feats system was cool".

Craze came back during August. He didn't seem interested in working on V&V again at first, but a comment in IRC sparked him to at least fix up the most broken aspects of the game. So we spent another three weeks working on it. Craze did most of the work, entirely reworked the way the battles play, and the game actually became relatively enjoyable to play through - at least to some people. At least the beta testers, anyway.

So we released again, at both places we previously had and new ones. We actively advertised our game out of the community before to get more exposure, so we did again. Results were fairly typical. Some places seemed to like it, some didn't. Oh well. It put us well over 2,000 downloads, which is pretty okay for a game that's only existed for a few months.

And that's the basic history of the project.

As for the fiasco that occurred afterwards, well...Craze probably had good intentions, but in his haste, ego and pride he had one too many snap judgments and posted a generally terrible topic on pretty much every RM* forum out there. Like pretty much everyone, we wanted to make a game that was fun that people could talk about. But it's not like you can create this situation artificially, either, and I think Craze lost sight of that at his most frustrated. We will try harder and hopefully be more successful next time.

Karsu, over and out ~


Boss Battle Video

First off, thanks for all of the positive feedback so far! Karsuman and I worked hard on this game and we're glad that many people have enjoyed it.

Second, the following link takes you to an HD video of a major boss fight in V&V. Good times.



Visions & Voices Overhaul is RELEASED!

The complete Overhaul version of Visions & Voices is now released. The game has had some serious renovations and, really, the only vestige of the original version is the basic plot and the world itself. Everything else is better.

Who are you to investigate the village?


Pre-re-release Testing Occuring Now

As long as everything works according the plan (and previous tests), the game is going to be released late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

The time has come.
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