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  • Craze
  • 04/17/2010 12:36 AM
i mean come on do you know how hard it is to fight another battle when all your teamates have little life left, and the food barely does anything. dude great game and story but its just not long enough, and i have to keep going back to the hotel to sleep i knew something bad was happining but i was trying to level up for + i saved before i went to sleep u knwo what that means....yeah i have to start over. make it so that food do better, there is someway you can travel back in time a few days, and that the enemys are from super easy to unbeatable, OMG where te hell is a walkthrough that can be use to beat the game.... i say all you gotta do is ATTACK and thats it. ive played alot of games, and i see how you are tryign to make it on the player with a timeline, but there is no clear way of me knowing that im fighting super hard monster with three people vs 6, i found one miniboss which of course i lost by 100 :(. look find a way to go back in time to give the player a better chance of winning, or a walkthrough cause i din't understand how am i suppose to gain all this stuff in 10 days, without getting own.

simply here what i mean, enemys can be easy or hard at random and can be like 6vs3. the food really doesn't help, 10=2 hours max cause of the teamates being knock out after one or two fights making you SLEEP AND SAVE! then the next day you could lose. and oh yeah clear direction....yes i got all the prohets stuff but once you get them its all over time is ticking and you are losing. p.s. i HAVE to restart now cause i saved one day before i lose and well...what can i do?


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Newgrounds never ceases to amaze me.
Progress Quest sounds more like his kind of game
I agree with most of that. I know a time-travel feature is stupid, and I know the game isn't really unbalanced, but I also have the feeling I have no idea what to do, and there are super hard battles which I can't seem to beat because characters don't level up.

A walkthrough would be nice. :)
The game kind of tells you what you should do, Cal. It forces you to pick up the first Prophet's Testimony.

Also, characters have what amounts to pseudo level-ups, so I doubt you have played for very long.

That said, I would not mind a walkthrough existing for the game, but I currently do not plan on doing it. If someone else wants to, they can.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Walkthough? "Read four PTs, get the fifth, do whatever the Hell you want."
the entire time I was thinking 'i hope they were kidding when they imply i can only use the inn 10 times', guess you werent kidding. Now I have to avoid the inn like the plague
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