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There are a number of characters to interact with in the village that Visions & Voices takes place in. Some are more receptive and/or sane, however. Those you'll most likely encounter with regularity are described below.

The so-called Wanderer is an elusive adventurer that goes by many names. While a well-known and charismatic traveler, his past is shrouded in mystery, covered up in an intricate web of lies, deceptions and half-truths. It is suspected that he went through some sort of moralistic awakening a few years back, as he has become much less of a vagabond and much more of a do-gooder as of late.

Telia is an extremely aggressive and free-spirited woman that has traits one would expect of a girl half her age; this, combined with her lack of stature, leads people to believe she is a whiny kid more often then not. She is a former companion and lover of Wanderer, and to this day she still loves him deeply.

Alphonse has always had an eye for money and wealth, so it was not a surprise when he started his own business. Though he acts greedy and morally bankrupt, he's not out to wreck the lives of others or anything; the same cannot be said of the shady people he's gotten involved with, however.

Ox is a farmhand that has lived in the village of the Montforts all his life. Large and able-bodied, he is also uneducated and somewhat slow on the uptake. While he doesn't have a whole lot of common sense, he is cheerful and kind, and normally wouldn't hurt a soul - unless they were threatening Lyla, his closest friend.

Lyla is the naturally beautiful and coolheaded adopted daughter of the village abbot. Her eyes are steely cold and distant, and she seems to suffer from a deep melancholy. She has a hard time trusting people, and has deep misgivings about her life and future in general, despite being young. She is a close friend of Ox.

Dison is a war veteran - a former mess hall chef with a strange (and to most, gross) taste in food. Getting on in age, he is becoming quite delusional, and his war trauma more severe. Nonetheless, he remains a friendly, if rather strange, individual. He has been living out his remaining days in the village.

Elena is a woman from the far northern reaches. She ran away from home in her youth and served as a mercenary until finally settling down in Montfort village with the man she loved. Since the disaster at the village she has become more and more withdrawn and has grown especially hateful of the outsiders that regularly question her.

Marlowe is a strange man in a suit that seems to have made the village his haunt. Handsome and nearing middle age, he is both refined and intelligent. He appears to be looking for something, but he is not at all open about his agenda or goals. He also likes to speak in riddles, which annoys Telia to no end.