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If you want to solve absolutely everything for yourself, do not read this mini-guide. If you're stuck on the first day, read this page.

The focus of Visions & Voices is on exploration, but before you explore you need to make sure that you know how to take care of yourself. Open the menu with <X> and then go to Pack. Look at what you have - some food, some battle-only restoration items, some keys and a handful of Portable Records. You'll want to stock up on food by buying it from a merchant that appears after the first day; this will help you stay alive between fights. The battle restoration items let you heal yourself in battle, where food is too time-consuming. Use them as necessary. The keys are used to open locks on chests and doors...which ones are up to you as you don't have to use any renewable keys to beat the game. The Portable Records are ways to save your game in case you're about to take on a big boss or need to run but aren't close enough to the Ogre's Mug to save. You can also buy these from the previously mentioned merchant.

Speaking of the Ogre's Mug, that's where you need to go. You'll notice that the signs near the starting area talk about the tavern, so head to the west (left) like they say. Soon you'll find a large building next to the lake; talk to the man outside of it, then watch the scene inside the Ogre's Mug itself. Save your game by interacting with the crystal in your bedroom. This crystal will also let you sleep, completely healing your party and getting you ready for the next day.

When you're ready, head downstairs and into the basement. A thorough exploration will yield your first clue...