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I invite you to pack up and go together discover another visual novel.
The first step was in Finland. We met Leo, a young boy still affected by his roommate and friend's suicide.

This time, we will stop in the neighbouring country, Russia, for another adventure.
If I tell you Russia, what are you thinking at first? Tetris? Communism? Chess grandmasters? Famous writers such as Dostoevsky or Nabokov?
The story I will tell you deals with ballet dance, a noble art for Russians.

Context of creation
This adventure in Russia was created for the traditional LGBT+ event on rpgmaker.net in the middle of 2021. The mission was to create a complete game with a major character recognizable as LGBT+. Everything had to be finished in the next 3 weeks.

Viktor Verakova has a particularity: he's a 16 years old boy who considers himself more as a girl. His mother and step-father have accepted that he look like a girl. However, Viktor has a passion: ballet dance. He knows a ballet school in Moscow but it only accepts girls. Viktor takes advantage of his girl body to integrate the school with a fake name: Tamara.
Viktor is really enjoying his new hobby but he lied to everybody to be there. How will his mother, his step-father, his teacher and the other girls react when they will find Viktor's secret?

The graphical style is exactly the same as the one used for A postcard from Finland. There will be more choices to do during the story. Some of them will trigger alternative dialogues. One of them will trigger the bad ending!
Attention, the bad ending may seem inappropriate for some people.

Main cast
Viktor/Tamara Verakova - Aged 16 - Lied on his identity to focus on his passion: ballet dance.
Agnessa Danitchenko - Aged more than 40 - Former prima ballerina, she currently teaches her passion to girls in Moscow. Sometimes mean.
Dominika Yurlova - Aged 16 - Cocky comrade and Tamara's rival, she won't hesitate to make fun of the other girls.

Length: 4,700 words
Again, the novel can be played in either French or English.

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  • 07/08/2021 06:16 AM
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  • 07/19/2021
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