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Version 1.2

We've looked through the game again and made some changes to unintentional game design such as solutions to battles and unclear directions.
The full breakdown of the updates include:

- Fixes to dialogue (typos)
- Added moar Yellow Maids roaming around just because
- Addition of dialogue cues (namely for the Forest, upon obtaining the item Piece of Paper and dialogue with NPCs in relation to the pearl and silver quest)
- The Leviathan is now immune to Curse of Binding
- Added Victor's Scuffed Research Note and corresponding dialogue from the Seamstress
- Added hidden character encounter
- All Feesh (other than Shrimp and Guppy) now grants improved healing

Here are also some hints to those that may be stuck with the game:
- Aside from fishing, the best way to obtain money is to craft resources into potions in Victor's workshop as the markup price for potions is high
- The solution to the Forest maze is to get Sporicide potions to negate the poisonous mist and obtain the clues for directions by solving the riddle in the Piece of Paper (Ry now gives a dialogue hint when obtaining the item)
- Crafting potions is much more efficient than buying them. To view the full description of potions in Victor's workshop press Q/W.
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