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In a quiet mountain village lies a legend of young women that rose to beat back the forces of malignant spirits. The local school makes a note of this, and includes field trip to the mountains where the final battle was supposed to have taken place.

However, legends are stooped in varying amounts of truth and fiction. Four students will come face-to-face with this legend, and will come to know much of it is true, or false. Will they rise to the occasion, and in triumph, or could they come upon a truth that is to terrible to bear?

Latest Blog

Next steps - Affinity

I've updated the game, using a few of the pointers that Fflo made in their review, which I received from them for Secret Santa. There is no new content with this update, just bugfixes and, hopefully, a re-balance to make the game a bit easier when soloing with Ruri.

As for what the next update should be and when that will land, that's less certain. I should, probably, do something with the optional skits that are supposed to occur as Ruri gets closer to the various characters in the game. There is also considerations of what events would lead our heroines back to Iwayama, despite being explicitly told not to visit Iwayama, having Terada additionally threaten them with police intervention, and Jin's condition being worse than what it was the first time he was attacked. However, with this blog, I'm going to focus a bit on affinity.

I'm not sure how many skit-events I want to program/write, but, my working theory is that they could happen maybe every 5 or so affinity points? Even as I type, I'm thinking it could probably be higher, like, 7? I don't recall how high Mayu could be if you visit her every day, and she's the earliest character that can gain affinity. Affinity is a hidden variable to players, and I think maybe I should make it visable so players would know how close they are with the character.

There's also a sense that, players should, or could, get some kind of in-game benefit for engaging with the characters in this system. I'm thinking of Persona 4 and Persona 5 specifically, and how among the things the characters do in that game is take an otherwise lethal blow instead of main protagonist. Now, the protagonist dying in those games translate to a GAME OVER, and this is not the case here. However, abilities that represent the friendship between the characters reflected in combat is a consideration.

I originally considered associating passive abilities, like Ruri's immunity to Stun and Paralyze, into equipment as a "Trait" slot. This can still work in a kinda-sorta way, and might take some scripting magic to allow multiple equips of the same type on a character. However, since I removed the "Equip" option from the party-menu, this method would not allow players access to the descriptions of what the traits the character has are doing for the character. Or, I somehow make them a category accessible from the skill menu?

I dunno. I feel this game is progressively getting more complex than it needs to be, and is among the things that's drawing me away from actively working on it with any amount of consistency.
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  • 07/08/2021 06:59 PM
  • 04/06/2022 08:03 PM
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