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New demo available!

  • Marrend
  • 06/22/2022 11:51 AM
The download has been updated! The content available is up to the defeat of the second boss. The Arcomage mini-game has also been implemented, and there's two NPCs in Takeji's classroom that you can talk to. One can engage in the mini-game where the other can provide some info about the mini-game.

In the interest of giving players control over when to attack the second boss, I effectively made it so that the game doesn't advance past day 28 until he's defeated. With this demo, I allow players to continue to gain affinity during this time, mostly because there are no affinity-based events as of yet. Later on, I'll probably choose to disable the ability to gain affinity until the player chooses to advance the plot.

As for what will come next, well, I've a vague idea. Players of the Ace version might also have a vague idea. Though, I kinda feel Jin could come back to class? I know Benjiro and Katsumi have constant lines they repeat after the field trip, and I think I might want to change them. At least after the first boss is fought, and Jin is found injured again.