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  • Marrend
  • Added: 07/08/2021 07:00 PM
  • Last updated: 12/07/2021 11:52 AM


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Aww! Cool! "Sheer Exhuberance" being a power!

Firefox, you say "Exhuberance" is wrong? And it should be "Exuberance"? I'll pass that along. Looks more right?

Oh. Also Sun > Stun. ... Unless Sun is a thing. It could be a thing. I dunno.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Uh, it should absolutely be "exuberance" and "stun". Whoopsy!

*Edit: Also of note...

Mayu's Judo training allows her to be focused, rendering her immune to Sleep and Confusion.

Shoko's quiet nature makes her immune to Silence. Her natural resilience renders her immune to Poison.

Izumi's cool-headedness makes her immune to Berserk. Immune to Blind, despite the glasses?

...is that everybody has at least two status immunities to their name.

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