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Your name is June Egbert, and you have no idea where you've ended up this time.
You've been separated from your recent (but well trusted) friend Thoren Emit and you want to find them. Meanwhile, the girl you two were looking for in the first place, Hazel Careon, is still missing.

Can you successfully locate them and resume your quest to make a better future for your world?

Possibly, but there's a lot of puzzles you'll need to solve first.

Perhaps it'll be easier when you find them.

In this game, you control one of three characters, June, Hazel, or Thoren. You will unlock them as you progress in the game.
Each one has their own powers and specialties:

June Egbert - Heir of Breath
-Control over the wind
-Can turn into wind

Hazel Careon - Heir of Hope
-Hacking ability
-Wellspring of hope... probably
-Combat ability

Thoren Emit - Heir of Time
-Control over the flow of time
-Can use elemental magic (favors fire magic)
-Can withstand harsh conditions with their robotic body

In addition to this, all three can fly.

In later sections, you will need to utilize the abilities of all three to move forward.


This game was made for the 2021 Gaymak event, and is the sequel to None Pizza With Left Beef, a homestuck epilogue fanadventure/fangame. (The comic is located here)

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