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DELUGE is the story of a family under siege. As the village of Figaro approaches an important anniversary, a sinister demon arrives to mark a momentous occasion. When one of the demon's minions goes rogue and is granted sentience, he finds himself the key to Figaro's survival.

Will you protect the people of Figaro, or join in on the chaos?

DELUGE is being developed in RPG Maker 2003 by riggy2k3, with a tentative release date of OCTOBER 31, 2021. Music by Those Damn Bloodsuckers and Jazzweather (me).

To follow more up-to-date development of the game, follow me on Twitch or join the DZ and RIGGY Discord group for progress posts, development live streams and more!

You can also try out the 2k3 Game Jam version here. This version is completely unfinished and was developed in a week and presented on May 24, 2021. You can watch my video on this event here.

Latest Blog

Deluge: Coming Halloween 2021!

Hey everyone! I've finally unveiled the game page for DELUGE.

As I finish setting up this game page, I thought I'd make an introductory devlog to let everyone know where the game is at. Welcome to Deluge, my game jam project turned full RPG game, and one of my first original titles I'm sharing - not counting Yeezy RPG, of course.

As far as presentable material, what you see in the screenshots posted on the page are pretty accurate demonstrations of how the game is looking so far. I'm working on bigger changes to the battle system, which has been difficult to balance accordingly. That, paired with a distaste for plot and lore development has been my biggest struggles in game development - but things I'm looking forward to overcoming. To better understand the atmosphere I've been honing in on, here's a video of a short scene toward the beginning of your adventure. Things will change, but I've been immensely proud of the progress I've been making:

Big shouts out to SergeSkunk, TheTrueSaltKing, Sp1TehKey, dzpg1 and codapill for playing various iterations of the game (so far) and providing feedback for me! It's been helping immensely as I continue working on the game and implementing new features. If you're interested in testing the game for me, let me know and I'll make sure to reach out. :)

Thank you all for supporting the things I do - can't wait to share more with you all! While I get this page setup, I'd like to point out that I stream almost daily at https://www.twitch.tv/riggy2k3 - I'm always either playing a game (for inspiration) or working on Deluge!
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