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DELUGE is now available on Steam!

You can now purchase DELUGE on Steam!


Thank you everyone who has supported me and the game so far! Very excited to finally see it live!

Also, check out this playthrough on the official RPG Maker Web account!
Big ups to Studio Blue for featuring the game and giving it a shot!


Contests, updates, and a Steam release Nov. 30!

If you haven't seen it already, DELUGE is coming to Steam on November 30!
Click here to check out the page and wishlist the game - it really helps me out!

The game was originally planned for release on November 22, but unfortunately there was some confusion on my end regarding release dates on the platform. The game IS already available now on Itch.io, but I hope you'll consider picking up the Steam edition when it releases! It looks really cool in a Steam library!

To coincide with the new release date, I'm working on an update to the game (which will be available on Itch.io too for all previous purchasers) to address some of the bugs and smaller issues I've seen in the past few weeks. And of course, while I'm at it, I'll also be adding some additional content, balancing and new secrets!

Earlier last week I also announced a few contests that I haven't quite clarified details for, so I'd like to provide some more concrete details and make some corrections to the specifications. I got really excited to announce these ideas, but I glanced over a couple of things that I think will be easier to understand when written down!

CONTENT CREATION RAFFLE: In order to continue spreading the word about DELUGE, I'm inviting players of the game to share content to try and win some free gear -t-shirts and hoodies to be specific! Share clips on social media, stream the game on Twitch, post YouTube videos, create fan art - all types of content is welcome! Each piece of content tagging myself or #delugegame nets you an entry! The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021. Names will be pulled in early January on stream. Feel free to post in the #deluge-general channel on my Discord if you have any questions, and to share your stuff!

SPEED RUN CONTEST: Following the release of the updated game on Steam, I'm hosting a SPEEDRUN competition! I'd like to see how quickly we can complete the game - and discover exploits and the most efficient route possibilities. I will be providing tips and other info starting next week for all interested parties! Recordings can be shared via Twitch (highlight) or from YouTube! The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021.

TWITCH PLAYS DELUGE 2: When the game was released on Itch.io on Halloween, my Twitch channel transformed into a playable version of Deluge that my community could play "together" by spamming button inputs in the chat. This was developed by my amazing friend ManDeJan, and we're going to do it again to celebrate the Steam release! This will happen a week from today - November 29, 2021 and will run for as long as I can manage it. I implore you join us at twitch.tv/Riggy2k3 anytime during the event to give it a go!

Lastly... I just want to say thank you!

The support for the game has been overwhelming and I'm so excited for it to reach a larger audience with the help of the Steam release! DELUGE has been a labor of love and a project I've wanted to make for a very long time, so to see it receive the attention it has thus far has been so wonderful for me. My community has gone above and beyond to support me, but I'm so honored to also share it with some of my favorite RPG Maker 2003 developers, YouTube gamers and content creators. I don't know what comes after DELUGE, but I guarantee it'll be tough to top the feelings I've felt releasing this project.


DELUGE V.1.3 is now live!

Good evening!

Big update is live now! About to throw it up for testing on Steam too - which is also coming soon! Thanks for being patient with me.

In addition to my wonderful friends, massive thanks to the one and only @HawkZombie over on Twitch for playing through the game and giving me some fantastic feedback. I had been cleaning up other minor issues and things while watching people, but I've made some strong decisions for controlling the linearity of the player that I'm happy to introduce. I wanted to get these changes out sooner than later

- Changed "Attack" to "Actions" to avoid confusion
- Bumped the volume of Midnight Laboratories song during cutscenes
- Text color fixes throughout dialog
- Text speed issues after intro removed Improved difficulty of ending altercation
- Dialog added to cure spell for a "party member"
- Save added to end of introduction (not the grave)
- Summon after 3rd time no longer takes any AP
- Warning added to the woman shrieking notification
- Dialog added once you’ve beaten all enemies
- Hidden character added to the bar
- Instructions for combat mention “Actions” now
- Dialog for learned skills in combat fixed to fit
- “This clearly isn’t working here. Maybe I should try somewhere else.” dialog added to a fireplace
- Dialog added to skeleton to provide more clues
- Dialog added to inform player of fireplaces turned off
- Daphne Oram track in basement remixed


DELUGE (v.1.2) is now available for download!

This Halloween, I'm excited to say, has been one for the books.

That's because today we're celebrating the launch of my first full game, DELUGE.
You can download the game through RMN by clicking here.

Last night, we celebrated the release of the game on my Twitch stream with a custom Let's Play version of the game organized with the help of an absolutely amazing programmer named ManDeJan and the Maniac patch legend BingShan1024. We'll be doing this again later this week - so stay tuned to my Twitch page if you're interested in checking it out!

I'm super excited for everyone to play the game. It's been a labor of love for the past 6 months, that feels absolutely surreal to finally finish. I'm already working on a patch for a few bugs we've encountered so far - but seeing the game played to completion by a handful of friends on Twitch has been a fantastic start. I'm really appreciative of the response and I can't wait to see more people play. Shouts out to @MikeyBlighe, @uprc, @dipsaus__, and @TheTrueSaltKing (all on Twitch) for streaming it so far!

I'm going to give myself a break starting tomorrow, but this evening I should be updating with a v1.1 version to do some patching, so stay tuned if you're concerned about a couple of bugs. They're nothing gamebreaking - but do run in administrative mode for best results.

Thanks for playing!

Appreciate you!

Progress Report

2 days to go! Watch my interview with Vagabond Dog!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Since you're here, if you'd like to see the merch I've put together before anybody else - click here!

Game release imminent!
We're getting super close to the release and I'm super nervous. Initial playthroughs of the game are going well and I absolutely can't wait to be able to sit back and enjoy everyone playing the game. I urge you to join me on Twitch the night before Halloween at midnight EST for a very special launch celebration that I've been working on in secret with my good friend @ManDeJan.

The experience is going to be unique and I look forward to a fantastic, celebratory Halloween!

Interview with Vagabond Dog
Thanks so much to @Keadin and the Vagabond Dog community for always supporting me! Justin Amirkhani has been a huge influence on me both creatively and strategically, and helped immensely with the rollout and release of DELUGE. I had the pleasure of interviewing with him last week on their weekly "Industry Chats" series and it was a total honor.

Check out the interview below, and be sure to leave a like or a comment!

I am looking forward to the release and cannot wait to share more information about the game with you!

I'll be updating the blog one last time to coincide with the release - so stay tuned. Thank you to everyone for supporting me and my little RPG Maker hobby game. I'm incredibly proud of this peice of work and I have an immense feeling of validation and satisfaction from this project that I can't possibly explain in a short blog post! Looking forward to talking about the game and watching you all play for weeks to come.

Progress Report

The final stretch! Only 9 days to go!

Today, I unveiled a bunch of new stuff regarding DELUGE. I'm incredibly proud to introduce some updated game pages, the soundtrack and a trailer!

For your convenience, you can now find out about the game by using delugegame.com - which leads to the itch.io page for the game. You can check out the brand new trailer here, which was finalized this morning during my Twitch stream. I've been airing live development for the past week there, and will be doing so up until (and including) the release, on October 31!

Thanks to a smooth mastering job by Midnight Laboratory (aka @spectrumbranch on Twitch), the soundtrack is available for free download on my Bandcamp page. It features tracks from myself (Jazzweather), Those Damn Bloodsuckers, Midnight Laboratory and a remix of a song by the late Daphne Oram. Following the release, the soundtrack will be available on YouTube as well.

I look forward to unveiling more as the release date progresses, and I invite you on October 30th to visit my stream and celebrate the release of the game with me! We'll be doing a merch release to coincide with some designs I've been putting together this past week.


Deluge: Coming Halloween 2021!

Hey everyone! I've finally unveiled the game page for DELUGE.

As I finish setting up this game page, I thought I'd make an introductory devlog to let everyone know where the game is at. Welcome to Deluge, my game jam project turned full RPG game, and one of my first original titles I'm sharing - not counting Yeezy RPG, of course.

As far as presentable material, what you see in the screenshots posted on the page are pretty accurate demonstrations of how the game is looking so far. I'm working on bigger changes to the battle system, which has been difficult to balance accordingly. That, paired with a distaste for plot and lore development has been my biggest struggles in game development - but things I'm looking forward to overcoming. To better understand the atmosphere I've been honing in on, here's a video of a short scene toward the beginning of your adventure. Things will change, but I've been immensely proud of the progress I've been making:

Big shouts out to SergeSkunk, TheTrueSaltKing, Sp1TehKey, dzpg1 and codapill for playing various iterations of the game (so far) and providing feedback for me! It's been helping immensely as I continue working on the game and implementing new features. If you're interested in testing the game for me, let me know and I'll make sure to reach out. :)

Thank you all for supporting the things I do - can't wait to share more with you all! While I get this page setup, I'd like to point out that I stream almost daily at https://www.twitch.tv/riggy2k3 - I'm always either playing a game (for inspiration) or working on Deluge!
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