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The final stretch! Only 9 days to go!

  • goji
  • 10/22/2021 05:22 PM
Today, I unveiled a bunch of new stuff regarding DELUGE. I'm incredibly proud to introduce some updated game pages, the soundtrack and a trailer!

For your convenience, you can now find out about the game by using delugegame.com - which leads to the itch.io page for the game. You can check out the brand new trailer here, which was finalized this morning during my Twitch stream. I've been airing live development for the past week there, and will be doing so up until (and including) the release, on October 31!

Thanks to a smooth mastering job by Midnight Laboratory (aka @spectrumbranch on Twitch), the soundtrack is available for free download on my Bandcamp page. It features tracks from myself (Jazzweather), Those Damn Bloodsuckers, Midnight Laboratory and a remix of a song by the late Daphne Oram. Following the release, the soundtrack will be available on YouTube as well.

I look forward to unveiling more as the release date progresses, and I invite you on October 30th to visit my stream and celebrate the release of the game with me! We'll be doing a merch release to coincide with some designs I've been putting together this past week.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
The tags surrounding "Those Damn Bloodsuckers" are youtube tags, rather than URL tags.

//excuse the automatic inclusion of the "url" tag.
//turns into
[url=https://thosedamnbloodsuckers.bandcamp.com/album/those-damn-bloodsuckers-3]Those Damn Bloodsuckers[/url]

The other possible point of breakage is the youtube tag at the end.

//turns into (and again, excuse the auto-inclusion of the "url" tag)

*Edit: Sorry if the site code-base does not seem to support specific channel tags within YouTube links. Or time-tags, probably. Definitely not "you.tube" links.

That was it! Thank you a ton @Marrend.
Appreciate the help - I completely missed that.

Formatting is fixed. :)
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