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DELUGE V.1.3 is now live!

  • goji
  • 11/05/2021 05:22 AM
Good evening!

Big update is live now! About to throw it up for testing on Steam too - which is also coming soon! Thanks for being patient with me.

In addition to my wonderful friends, massive thanks to the one and only @HawkZombie over on Twitch for playing through the game and giving me some fantastic feedback. I had been cleaning up other minor issues and things while watching people, but I've made some strong decisions for controlling the linearity of the player that I'm happy to introduce. I wanted to get these changes out sooner than later

- Changed "Attack" to "Actions" to avoid confusion
- Bumped the volume of Midnight Laboratories song during cutscenes
- Text color fixes throughout dialog
- Text speed issues after intro removed Improved difficulty of ending altercation
- Dialog added to cure spell for a "party member"
- Save added to end of introduction (not the grave)
- Summon after 3rd time no longer takes any AP
- Warning added to the woman shrieking notification
- Dialog added once you’ve beaten all enemies
- Hidden character added to the bar
- Instructions for combat mention “Actions” now
- Dialog for learned skills in combat fixed to fit
- “This clearly isn’t working here. Maybe I should try somewhere else.” dialog added to a fireplace
- Dialog added to skeleton to provide more clues
- Dialog added to inform player of fireplaces turned off
- Daphne Oram track in basement remixed