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Update for Steam preparation

Hi everyone

I'm planning on putting Saving the Planet: 90's Style on Steam in a few weeks or months (when I have the spare money). It's mostly only been audio changes this time round (taking out for non-commercial use tracks), along with the title screen which now has the legal information on it, and a credit to the creators of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle.

I've also made an official trailer for it which is on YouTube, you can see the embed on the game page. I'll also be using this for the trailer on Steam.

Only one gameplay bug has been found and fixed. You could go into the Sumina Mines ahead of Fraude Shakedon's episode, this is no longer possible.

NOTE: Please ignore what I said about Steam. I've had a look at all the legal things and such on Steam earlier today, and I've decided against it. It seems like more trouble than it's worth when I was only planning to get a few dollars from this. I'm instead going to put that money most likely towards rpgmaker.net and keep putting my games here.