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Game is in very early stage of development

A game of collectible ship girls and putting them into battle with a mix of rpg mechanics and tactical combat system.

The story takes place on the sixth world war of 4 nations, Nation Steel, Nation Glass, Nation Crimson and Nation Sun. During the war, a sudden powerful and threatening race of ship girls appeared from the deepest depths of the ocean known as the "Phantom Vessels" joining the battle field to murder every single ship girl from their sight without showing emotions. The war entirely changes to a devastating battle of Humanity against the Phantom Vessels and uncover their mysterious origin.

*Collectible gacha system with a wide variety of girls without paying real money (completely F2P! :O)
*Semi-Fire Emblem styled gameplay experience
*RPG elements including leveling up, element system, and classes
*Tougher Boss Battles and Levels
*Original art
*many more

Notice: all of the ships are made not historically accurate

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