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Title screen would be subject to change if I find a good background.

In the land of Risilibre, where many look for fame and glory a young warrior Jolan, a new member of the Valahis Clan alongside his friend Claris, a knight of Valahis Castle, and Mavis, his former knight captain in charge and many more people joining in your journey. You may explore the city of Neoshielm as you thrive in to discover its' mysteries that may change it forever. Aside that, the king has fallen ill, and the surrounding cult members of an old enemy, many many years ago from the outside the city walls will soon befall them and return to strike back. This is only set in one city for the first game. The other, a prequel is in the works as well.

About 11 characters that join your quest throughout the game. But don't always stay together. Features: It has arena battles to contend with. Some of them, just to open up the storyline. Already a demo playable.

It uses VisuStella MZ plugins and one Yami 8DIR and STV Beastbook and ScottyTV credited.

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