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The Demo of the English translation is available! It contains the entire 1st Act and the first half of the 2nd Act. That content takes about a few hours to complete.
Please check it out! The saves should be able to be transferred to full release, when it's done.

Dave Smith - a down-on-his-luck “Problem Solver”, receives a new job, from a mysterious client.
His new “Problem to solve” is to uncover the Mystery of Heaven Gate - a town abandoned in unknown circumstances and transformed into a tourist attraction.

SUNSET RAIN is an upcoming surreal mystery Adventure game, with elements of Visual Novel and Puzzle game, inspired (probably too much, please don’t sue) by Flower, Sun, and Rain, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Ace Attorney series.

Uncover The Mystery of Heaven Gate - explore the hotel and abandoned town, conduct investigations, talk to the eccentric guests, seek answers beyond reality… and solve the Problem!

The game was released on October 2022 - in Polish, with a Director's Cut-like improved version, a year later.
The English translation, based on the Director's Cut, will(hopefully) be available in 2024 to any willing, up-and-coming Problem Solver!
The full game will also provide a spoiler-free walkthrough for people confused by those pesky investigations and puzzles or story-only enjoyers.

Content Warning:
This game contains coarse language, unpleasantries , depictions of violence, blood/mild gore and subject matter which may be uncomfortable for some people.

  • Multifaceted, dark, mysterious story, where nothing is as it seems. Find the answers to the madness, solve the Problem!
  • A true Adventure Game - explore, make your own notes, gather information and evidence, examine found items, solve diverse puzzles
  • Meet a colorful gallery of intriguing characters - hotel guests, staff and other people who, for different reasons, ended up in Heaven Gate. Everyone has their own story, personality, problems and most importantly - hidden secrets. Uncover them, using a keyword-based dialogue system
  • Original art and music, giving the game its distinct sense of style

Game development by Sad Pink Star.


DisFunctionalKarrmel - game design, graphics, writing, music, game development
Pequod - additional music, additional sound-design, additional graphics, initial tests
A Legendary Second Artist - additional character portrait(single)
Donut - initial tests, voice clips
Vodun - testing

Latest Blog

Post-Demo Translation Progress

Hello again, in yet another year!

Last time, the demo of the first few translated chapters of the game has been released... You did play the demo, right...? Anyway, this is about what's happening with the full translaton.

In short - I decided to change my pace to be a bit slower, as to not self-combust, but the progress has remained pretty stable regardless. By the end of 2023, I managed to release the full Polish director's cut-kinda version, made the demo for English-speakers and translated all the general, non-story and side content in the game. This January, I managed to finish the translation of the second act and hopefully - I'll be able to finish up the rest in the coming few months and start to fully implement it in the game. It's still a bit optimistic, but I think the translation is on the right path for release later this year.

And that's it for now! Thanks for keeping up with the game! Below is a little sneak peek from the rest of the translated Chapter 5(the demo ends right when it starts).