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In this newly fan-modded, updated version of the popular fangame, you take on the role of Deren Star on a journey throughout the solar system of Hell's Dome, recruiting an unlikely team of allies along the way. What starts as a simple mission to retrieve a stolen prototype for a new weapon soon escalates into a battle with unimaginable stakes where fantasy meets sci-fi with a classic Final Fantasy flavour.

A fondly remembered game from 2002 is updated using the commercial English release of RPG Maker 2000, fixing a wide variety of issues with the original game. Featuring a proofread script that is easier to read and follow, a few added features for some of the more time-consuming sidequests, an optional music replacement pack that improves sound quality and compatibility, and some changes to the game balance to make all party members feel more useful, Final Fantasy Endless Nova: Singularity Edition is made with fans of the original and newcomers in mind.

-Seven playable characters with unique abilities
-Approximately 12 hours' gameplay for the main campaign
-A wide variety of side content and minigames
-Strategy and variety that push the RPG Maker 2000 engine to its limits
-Numerous custom menus

Singularity Edition also includes:
-A fully proofread script, including a small amount of extra dialogue to fill in some old plot holes, as well as battle text prompts that read better thanks to English RM2K's flexibility
-An installer that enables the game to be run without needing any version of RM2K installed
-Numerous balance changes and quality of life adjustments
-Optional higher quality music pack replacing the MIDI soundtrack (remember to click on the Downloads tab above for the music pack as well)
-Multiple bug fixes
-Some MIDIs replaced in the base game for compatibility issues
-A few little Easter eggs here and there...
-A stealth update done shortly after uploading this damn thing because somehow I'd made it so it announced a Str bonus for Deren after every single battle whether he received one or not - that's now fixed :P

Please check out the readme files before asking any questions, and I hope you enjoy this little passion project of mine!

Anticipated frequently asked questions:

"Can I mod this myself?"
-Of course! It's all I was doing. In fact you'll see the odd point or two in the changelog that actively encourages it.

"Why is the framerate so bad?"
-For some reason, the commercial English version of RM2K really doesn't like running in full screen on some machines. Hit F4 once to go windowed and it should run just fine.

"Why can't I open this in RM2K editor?"
-You'll need the commercial English version of RPG Maker 2000 to do it, which you can buy on Steam for a very reasonable amount at this point; the old Don Miguel fan translation is highly unlikely to work (and I haven't tested it in that to find out as I no longer have it.) That you might be unable to open this is exactly why I made it a stand-alone installer so you can at least still play it.

"Why spruce up a nearly two decades-old RPG Maker game to this extent, you absoultely insane person?"
-I just really love it, that's why. To most people online now this might be regarded as just some mediocre fangame, but I've always had a soft spot for it. For all its flaws and foibles, I think it's a really enjoyable and actually quite well-made game for just what it gets the default RPG Maker 2000 system to do, and this is reflected in the changelog where the section on bug fixes is one of the shortest - less than a page when viewed in most word-processing software, compared to the pages and pages of text and audio changes. It's also the game that accidentally got me into Guilty Gear by using some of its music near the end, which led to a major change in my musical tastes.

"Why go from a proofread job to what you're claiming is a QoL update?"
-I was inspired slightly by some of the QoL changes in the FF7: New Threat mod, which I strongly recommend by the way.

"Why the name Singularity Edition?"
-Astrophysics innit.

"Why did you change X, Y, or Z?"
-Because I didn't think it was doing any damage to the original work.

"I think it did."
-The original is still out there on a number of sites (including this one) so it ain't going anywhere.

"You said you edited all the dialogue, but I think it's still kinda bad?"
-I was avoiding compromising the original work too much, for better or worse. I didn't think it was my place to completely overhaul any given character's speech pattern.

"Did you talk the original devs about this?"
-Believe me I tried, but I can't find them anywhere. I'd love to though, I think they'd really enjoy this version.

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This is really cool - looking forward to playing!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Endless Nova! So many great memories of this game from back in the day. It's what inspired me to make fan games myself.
Thanks for making this update to the game.
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