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*** NOTICE: This game is undergoing a development reset. Much of this information will be replaced soon. ***

Just so you know: this game doesn't take itself too seriously.


The world of Solara was once a bright and happy place created by the Developer for his digital citizens to live in. Everyone there lived a happy life, and worshiped the Developer for delivering such a beautiful world. It was all going so perfectly, until something unfortunate happened...

Two characters, Soul and Blu the Blue Bird, were put on the Black List. He no longer wanted them in this world due to an incident the Developer had involving them. But being on the Black List wasn't enough for the Developer, and neither was littering the world with dangerous monsters. Therefore, in all three regions of Solara, he created a group of exterminators known as "Team Zeta" to hunt them down...


This game is my biggest project yet, with three regions to explore, for a total of sixteen dungeons spanning across all of them. There is also a Bestiary in the game, where you can document the region's charming yet unusual monsters. Furthermore, you'll be able to use Blu the Blue Bird as your very own mount, using him to get past tall grass, or fly across small rivers. And if you get stuck, you can ask him for help along the way.

This game is also celebration of my 5-year RPG Maker anniversary! That's right, I published my first RPG Maker game on RMN on 4 September 2017! Although I published and released games to my friends earlier than that, this date marks the first widespread release of one of my games.

Look forward to the full release of this game coming 4 September 2022!

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