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Original Story RPG.

The Story begins with Julius and Lenna, guards and protectors of the priestess Sylvia. They are escaping from the King of Teras who is trying to use the powers Sylvia possesses in order to open the prohibited doors so that he can obtain the wisdom of the Saints. Sylvia is trying to find her mentor to help her to stop the King.
On their journey, they will face a group of enemies that are sent to kill her.


The game is currently in development.
the story, as well as the characters, are original creations that are animated with the RPG maker series software.

With the intention of updating the progress, we try to publish through the YouTube platform.

With the possibility of creating a world full of mazamorras and secrets, my intention is to create characters with a deep and memorable narrative.

The game will be developed mostly with RPG Maker MZ and RPG Maker XP (sprites) software.

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