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Frank is a slightly above-average chicken who always knew he was meant for something more. But when he found out he'd soon be visiting the butcher's block, that's when he knew—it's time to run.

Relive your childhood with this compact, classical 16-bit JRPG with a twist: you play as barn animals on a fantasy farm. Explore your world as you talk with ridiculous farm animals, navigate the perilous barnhouse dungeon, solve puzzles, and fight challenging but rewarding enemies. Best of all, this rpg respects your time, as it’s all packed into a charming, complete story that can be experienced in an evening.


  • COMICAL - Short but unforgettable story about three quirky, lovable characters: Frank the chicken, Sammy the cat, and Clarence the sheep, all uniting for a common goal—escaping this hellhouse of a farm and living their best lives.
  • NOSTALGIA - 16-bit graphics reminiscent of the 90's JRPG era. Inspired by classic titles like Dragon Quest and the early Final Fantasy games.
    FIGHT - Classic turn-based combat. Battles are initiated on the map, meaning you fight the battles of YOUR choosing.
  • LEVEL UP - Level up your skills in a unique way by trading valuable corn for stat upgrades. New, powerful skills are rewarded for beating key bosses.
  • TASTY TREASURE - Navigate the menacing dungeon-like barnhouse while solving puzzles, fighting vicious baddies, and discovering that delicious hidden loot. Find crazy powerful hidden weapons and armor such as the fabled Catnip Goggles.
  • EPIC DAD JOKES - Frank and company all have very serious goals, and the enemies you will face are no laughing matter. However Chicken Run is a game that knows how to relax and crack a cold one with the homies. And even if it doesn’t make you LOL, BTMN, or ROFL, it is 100% dads-approved.

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