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Three Forbidden Books - EINS - (三つの禁書-EINS-) version 1.10 is a game by Nama and translated by 24oars for Wolf RPG Editor.

Exploratory Horror Adventure
* It's also action-packed!
(Most of the horror is when you're playing as Eins.)

- Chase Sequences: Many.
- Battles: About three battles.
- Decision Making: A little bit.

Blood and gore, language, suggestive themes and violence.

Approximately 2-4 hours.

Three endings.

There are three major forces existing in the underworld: {Seven Emperors} {Cross} {Heavenly Demons}.

Among them, Ains Milan, the Third of the Seven Emperors, headed towards the surface at the order of the First, Luna Farner.

The Demon-Gods who once ruled the demon world... However, half of them were killed by the supreme commanders of the {Cross} and {Seven Emperors} and fled to the surface. Since then, in order to take revenge, they have been destroying a multitude of countries on the surface and accumulating power.

Ains... traveled to a certain continent to surveil a demon god. In that continent, the Tenebris was spreading in a certain forest. In order to prevent its spread, Ains prepared {Amethyst Magicites} and contained its influence to only occupy the forest..

But... that interference was discovered by that demon god. Ains will have to face the .

This is where the story begins...


English Translation: Download

Japanese Version: Download

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