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"What if you knew you were going to die?
If you knew that thousands would die in your wake?
What if you could stop it from happening?
What would you do?
What wouldn't you do?"

Bloodstained Hands is a 20 hours plus (approximately) RPG following the story of Rain, a young man forced into living his life cloaked in blood and shadows. As he fights to overcome the oppression of a tyrannical Emperor, he will come to realize that evil is not so black-and-white as it may seem, and none can say who the true villains are.

  • A beautiful world artistically crafted using Parallax Mapping techniques
  • A breathtaking soundtrack from Fesliyan Studios (https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/)
  • An immersive story with a fresh take on your typical RPG clich├ęs
  • An ATB battle system with various customizations
  • An intense, dynamic Overdrive system
  • A New Game Plus mode - play through the game with all your party members and skills intact!
  • No RTP. Just extract and play!
  • Various types of crafting
  • Optional mini-games in certain towns and pubs
  • A host of side quests to keep you entertained
  • Repeatable missions for endless adventures

Download Instructions
If you are downloading this game for the first time, just extract and play! No further instructions required. There is a read-me file in the root folder that explains controls and how to modify them.

If you are updating the game from a previous version, simply move your save files from the root folder of the old game into the new one. To ensure the game updates properly, activate the list at the entrance to the Sanctuary at any time after completing the training sequence at the start of the game, then unequip and re-equip your characters.

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Latest Blog

Thank You!

I was going to just comment on the game page, but this is too important for that, and ultimately there's way too much to go over for just a simple comment.

I just wanted to thank everyone who nominated and voted for Bloodstained Hands in the 2021 Misaos for the Everlasting Journey award! I honestly never expected a nomination, and I have no idea what the votes will look like when tallied, but I genuinely appreciate the support that this game has garnered over the last six months! I'm not at all expecting to win the Misao, there's some stiff competition and some far more deserving games in my opinion, but I'm humbled and honored nonetheless.

To show my appreciation for those of you who have played, reviewed, nominated, voted for, and given feedback on this game, I've decided to release one final RMN exclusive update. I won't be releasing this particular update on any other hosting sites, this one is just for you guys. I know I said I wouldn't be releasing any more game-changing updates, but I've been inspired by the community here, and I wanted to acknowledge that. I was planning on fixing a few minor bugs anyway, so why not throw in a bunch of cool stuff along the way!

So without further ado, here it is! Bloodstained Hands v5.9.1, an RMN exclusive. I've made a ton of changes with this update, which I will also list in the Bug Fix and Update Log (check the blog section), but I'll go over why I made these changes in this blog post. I'll hide them in a tag to condense the post size, but there aren't really any spoilers ahead.

First and foremost, combat has been significantly balanced. In most of my testing, I realized that I wasn't fully testing all the ATB modes. This was a huge oversight, because I realized that I had made most enemies way too fast. The agility of almost every enemy has been decreased by about 25%, and some bosses by more than 50%. In addition, enemies will give more EXP, since I had reduced the encounter rates several updates ago without balancing the level grinding. Certain bosses will have more HP, but their AI is fixed so they won't immediately heal every time they reach critical health. The overall result is that combat should feel like less of a grind, and is more playable on all ATB modes.

Along that same vein, I've also simplified the ATB modes in the System Menu. Where before there were four ATB wait modes, there are now only three. The first two were nearly identical, and there wasn't really any benefit to having the first one, so I eliminated the first mode. In addition, I made the names of each mode a little easier to understand. Instead of Attacks, Skills, Actions, and Full, there are now only three modes, Active, Moderate, and Full. If you want a more detailed breakdown of how they all work, the in-game guide has also been updated with plenty of new information, including the new ATB modes. I've also made the default mode for starting a new game set to Moderate, since this is by far the most playable mode from my own experience.

I've also modified the damage of almost every Overdrive skill. They will deal considerably more damage now, and some of them even have a critical hit chance.

There are three new cutscenes that take place upon entering Cyana (after the first mission), Amethyne, and Topale. Note that the new cutscenes may take place if you're already past the point in the game they would normally occur if you are updating from a previous version. In addtion, characters will appear on screen during cutscenes where they have dialgoue. Pacing of cutscenes has been modified.

The Status menu has also been modified and re-arranged to display the actors current Overdrive gauge.

I added a Target Selection window for skills that only target the user, or for skills that target all. The purpose of this was to resolve a bug that sometimes happens when selecting a skill while someone takes slip damage. What will happen is that the skill window will refresh, causing the cursor to return to the skill that was used previously. With bad timing, this can cause you to select the wrong skill, and if it doesn't have target selection, you're hooped. The skill will automatically trigger, and you won't have an opportunity to back out and re-select your skill. That's somewhat resolved with this fix.

The monster log has been updated to display that yes, there is in fact a gallery mode. The text says to press the X button, but don't be fooled. That's the X BUTTON. Not key. The default key on the keyboard to open the gallery mode is A. The gallery mode has also been updated with a rather unique feature. When gallery mode is entered, the elemental resistances of the monster you are viewing will be replaced with Status Ailment resistances. Now you can fully view exactly what ailments affect which enemies and bosses, so you're not guessing and you can strategize around their weaknesses.

Battle music for random encounters was sort of shoehorned in on the last update, so now it's a little more fleshed out. If you have battle BGM enabled, the battle theme will be randomly selected from one of three different themes, instead of playing the same one over and over.

The random encounter algorithm has been re-written. Before, if an area had an average encounter rate of 30 steps, that meant you'd encounter a monster every 1 - 61 steps. That sucked. So now, that same area has an algorithm where you'll encounter a monster every 22 - 38 steps. You won't encounter two monsters within two steps of each other, but you can't walk across the entire world without an encounter either.

The Forge has been updated to actually show the stats of the weapons and armours you are crafting, and the Alchemy Kit has been updated to show item effects and hide the 0 gold cost for crafting potions.

The Tome of Leveling in New Game Plus has been highlighted, and given a new feature. You can now transfer EXP from one party member to another. Worried that one of your party members is getting over leveled, but you don't want to sub him out? Worried that the one party member you never use will be practically unplayable before long? You can donate some EXP from your higher level characters to your lower level characters. You cannot have the receiving party member surpass the giver, but you can balance them out. Also, level 99 characters still gain EXP, but can donate the extra EXP without losing any levels as long as they stay above the threshold.

I've added several more character sprites, including some custom ones around the Sanctuary. The civilians of Ilythea will be a little more diverse now.

I updated the BGS files with some more high-quality sounds, so it's not just a 3 second loop of waves, or wind, or rain. Hopefully that'll be a little less monotonous.

I've included a secondary option to open the menu. Instead of the D key, you can now also use X, esc, num-0, or whatever you have the B button assigned to on your keyboard.

Combat items such as shuriken, toxins, and smoke bombs are way cheaper. So is Bait, and Stimulants.

Dashing is properly disabled in certain areas where it wasn't before now, namely the Tower of Bestia.

And a plethora of other minor bug fixes and graphical enhancements!

Thanks again to everyone who played this game, I look forward to seeing what this next year brings! If you discover any new bugs with this update, please let me know and I will happily fix them. As always, this update is compatible with previous saves, simply move your save files into the root folder of the new game. Thank you, RMN community, and happy playing!


Confused. Says the game's complete but I don't see a download...?
Confused. Says the game's complete but I don't see a download...?
Just got approved. Download is on the way.

EDIT: Downloads are now available. There is a desktop version available as well as a mobile version for compatibility with JoiPlay. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!
Oh, there it is. I'll give this a try soon
URGENT NOTICE: There is a game-breaking bug during the optional side-mission "Last Wish." I will be releasing an update later today that fixes this bug. Your current save files will be compatible with the updated version. Sorry for any inconvenience. In the mean time, I would suggest waiting to complete that mission until the game has been updated.

EDIT: The game files have been updated with the bugs fixed, along with some other smaller, less significant bugs. Thank you for your patience, and happy playing!

EDIT: The bug is definitely fixed now, as of v5.2. If you have an autosave file where the bug occurred, simple flip the switch on the wall and you should be able to escape the bugged area.
Oh my goodness. Help. How do you save in your game LOL I want to take a break, but I cannot find a save point. Been playing for awhile too....

*EDIT* Nevermind. I found it. I think I missed the controls. Kept hitting ESC and thought you had the menu screen blocked off. Had no idea "D" took you there.
I'm terribly sorry for the confusion! There is a read-me document in the game folder that helps describe the controls based on the RMVX defaults, if you feel that could help you. There is also a section in the in-game guide, accessed by the menu, that describes controls more thoroughly. Thanks for playing!
Hello. There's a game-breaking bug in the sidequest "Last Wish". After I'm done scattering the ashes, I get teleported to a locked area and cannot get out. Also, pressing "L" during a fight does not do anything. I cannot escape from battles and the encounter rate at the towers is too high.
Hi blackassassin7, I'm sorry you're experiencing that. I actually discovered the same bug myself just yesterday and made a post to rectify the problem. The game files have been updated with the bugs fixed. If you re-download the game and move your save files from the old game folder into the new one, you shouldn't experience that problem any more. The encounter rates haven't been fixed yet, although I appreciate the feedback and will consider reducing them. As for the escape function, it's possible that it's an issue with how you have the controls set up. There is a read-me file in the root folder that goes further into depth about how the controls are set up. If the controls are not the issue, it may be a matter of timing. The escape feature only functions when battle is not paused. Battle will pause at different times based on your settings from the System menu option, but essentially you can only escape battles when there are no player wait gauges filled. Holding the button to escape combat and then canceling the active players turn should fix the problem.

Thanks for playing!
Are we talking about the Version 5.1 here? Because I am playing the latest version. Since the game autosaves, I didn't bother much with constant saving and my last manual save was before killing Gareth. How is the issue going to be fixed btw? Will my character appear on the top of the tower as he should or will the waterfalls blocking the passages be deactivated when I launch the recent version with my current savefile? Because right now, my character is stuck in a room with two waterfalls blocking both exits and the switch in the middle is useless.
Unfortunately, you will need to load a previous save to fix the issue. The issue should not occur any more in 5.1, however any saves that occured after the bug will be unplayable. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

EDIT: I'm working on an alternate fix. There may have been an issue with the upload of 5.1. As far as I can tell the bug is fixed, but I will be re-uploading the files to make certain of that. The upload should be available within the next hour.
Okay, fingers crossed it worked this time. I've updated the game one last time. Version 5.2 includes the regular fix to the game-breaking bug, as well as an additional fix for anyone who got stuck due to the bug with an autosave. If you get stuck in the Tower of Lux during the mission "Last Wish," simply flip the switch on the wall and you should be able to navigate your way out from there. If for whatever reason this fix does NOT work, please PM me right away and I will attempt to find another solution.

I've also adjusted the encounter rates in the Towers. They should be a little more bearable now.
Okay that did the trick. I managed to get out of the Tower of Lux. And I figured out that the button I had to press to escape battles was "Q" and not "L". Anyway, thanks a lot for the fix. Now I can continue the game normally. I'll report again if I happen to find any other bug.
Okay, I have two questions. I can't seem to find the 3rd alchemy page. And how do I switch party members now that I have six?
Switching party members can be done in the Sanctuary using the list near the entrance, the same one that is used to change your player name. Members left behind will remain at the Sanctuary (and depending on who you leave behind, there may be additional interactions between those characters somewhere in Cyana, if you care to find them).

As for the alchemy pages, I will detail there locations below. Spoilers.

The first page is located in Castle Amethyne, in the corner of the kitchen on a table.

The second page can be found on a round table in in the Library of Gareth's Castle.

The third page is found in a house in Silvein.

The fourth page is a reward for an optional side mission after the mission "Break of Dawn."

Hope this helps!
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
Sorry, the last time i played this, general dawn in the cave had an unlimited amount of health (probably from a battle script problem). I probably wont pick this up again ever until someone played one playthru of the entire game to ensure that there arent any more major bugs like that. The balance is still kinda out of whack but I can forgive that if all the major bugs are fixed.
Sorry to hide the post, just want to make sure that certain things are not spoiled if at all possible, such as characters that may join your party later in the game.

That said, there are cutscenes between all of the characters around Cyana. Three of them take place in the Inn, two of them in the Pub, one in the house, and the rest around the village. The only exception is Matthew and Grey. Their character building cutscene takes place during the mission "The Test," in the basement of Fort Diamo, where you'll find Matthew exercising. The cutscene is only available during that mission.
i only hate that a spell should not change cost should stay the same cause one spell cost 100 mp and when it is level 2 it is now 200 mp only thing i hate other than that good game
Okay I found cutscenes with every character except Grey. I looked at the Inn and Village both during day and night but still cannot see a cutscene involving him. I already have two cutscenes from the Pub and one from the House. I basically have only three left and all of them are between Grey and another character.
Ah, I think I can see the problem.

Have you completed the mission "The Academy" yet? Grey's cutscenes will become available after that mission. It's a part of the mission "Divine Preparation."