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"What if you knew you were going to die?
If you knew that thousands would die in your wake?
What if you could stop it from happening?
What would you do?
What wouldn't you do?"

Bloodstained Hands is a 20 hours plus (approximately) RPG following the story of Rain, a young man forced into living his life cloaked in blood and shadows. As he fights to overcome the oppression of a tyrannical Emperor, he will come to realize that evil is not so black-and-white as it may seem, and none can say who the true villains are.

  • A beautiful world artistically crafted using Parallax Mapping techniques
  • A breathtaking soundtrack from Fesliyan Studios (https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/)
  • An immersive story with a fresh take on your typical RPG clich├ęs
  • An ATB battle system with various customizations
  • An intense, dynamic Overdrive system
  • A New Game Plus mode - play through the game with all your party members and skills intact!
  • No RTP. Just extract and play!
  • Various types of crafting
  • Optional mini-games in certain towns and pubs
  • A host of side quests to keep you entertained
  • Repeatable missions for endless adventures

Download Instructions
If you are downloading this game for the first time, just extract and play! No further instructions required. There is a read-me file in the root folder that explains controls and how to modify them.

If you are updating the game from a previous version, simply move your save files from the root folder of the old game into the new one. To ensure the game updates properly, activate the list at the entrance to the Sanctuary at any time after completing the training sequence at the start of the game, then unequip and re-equip your characters.

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Latest Blog

Bloodstained Hands v5.9.8!

This update has been ready for a while now, but I just never got around to releasing it. Regardless, here it is! Bloodstained Hands v5.9.8!

What's new?
- Added a new encounter mode, and ability to switch between modes
- Added two new Overdrive skills
- Intimidate now affects enemies with queued actions
- Updated some of the more challenging puzzles
- Modified the secret final boss

Here's a full breakdown of the update list, with the reasons behind each update. Spoilers ahead.

So, first and foremost, the encounter mode. A lot of the feedback I've gotten relates to the random encounters, which is a pretty dated system that doesn't hold up as well in the present day, but does have some nostalgic charm. It seems as though avoidable touch encounters are a preferred method for turn based battle systems, and I agree. So, to that end, I've implemented touch encounters similar to a style seen in Villnoire. However, since I personally like the random encounter system, and I'm sure there are lots of other players that do too, I've kept both styles, and added an option in the System menu to toggle which encounter type you currently have active. Now you get to choose! Bait has also been modified to work with either encounter type, and certain dungeons that don't support touch encounters will still have random encounters.

Next, the two new Overdrives. Major spoilers here. So once you get the two ultimate staves, you get access to the skills Fiend and Celestial. While these skills are certainly powerful and useful, they lose their significance once they've been triggered once. They're basically just a stat buff. What happens when you get another Overdrive ready, but you've already used those skills? You're left with the default character signature Overdrives. Well, not anymore. Now, if a character has either Fiend or Celestial already active, their next Overdrive will unlock Abyssus or Aether, respectively. This is a massive Dark or Light spell that targets all enemies and hits three times, all at no MP cost! Definitely powerful, but takes some preparation to truly pull off!

On to the next update, Intimidate. This skill was pretty useless unless your wait mode was set to Full, since it wouldn't affect enemies with queued actions. Now, it does. It will always drain enemy wait gauges if they're not completely full, but now it will also have a chance to cancel a queued enemy action as well. This could be pretty overpowered, but certain enemies will have a better chance at resisting this skill, although no enemy is completely immune.

And finally, the secret final boss! I've made some adjustments to this boss that make it more than just a simple damage sponge. It still has the same hooks it had before, but it also has a new conversion skill that swaps immunities and resistances to Light and Dark magic - for the player. In other words, while this skill is active, healing magic will damage you, but if you're hit with a Light or Dark spell from the boss, you'll be healed. You can cancel this status at any time, but... well, there is an incentive to keep it active on at least one of your party members. I won't say more than that.

Anyway, that's it for this update! I won't be adding any more content to this game, it's officially done now. I will update it if anyone finds a bug or glitch that needs to be fixed, but this is the final update for Bloodstained Hands. I've had this ready for a while now, but I didn't want to release it until I was sure that I was done with the game and that everything worked smoothly. Thank you to everyone who played this game and gave feedback, you've really helped me to become a better developer!


The switches should be the same. Keep trying, it should still be possible to reach the top floor. In all likelihood your target is on the top floor or the hallway leading to the top floor. It might help to stock up on some Bait at an item shop (you can find it in Emerdala and I think Amethyne as well) to help reduce monster encounters.
In Rubana, how do I steal the authorization letter from the captain? No matter if I talk to the captain during the day or at night, he just asks me whether I want to go back to Amethyne.

How would I actually complete this task?

Update: The tower is not locked at night, and the letter is in there.
Sorry for the late reply, didn't get a notification for the comment. You're not looking for the captain, you're looking for a sergeant that only appears at night in the bottom left corner of the town.

EDIT: I also just realized that you said Rubana. I'll clarify a bit more.
The first letter can be found in the Rubana Lighthouse, that grants access to the Tower of Unda. After that, you can go to Topale. In Topale, there is a note in the lighthouse that reveals that the second letter is being held by a sergeant somewhere in Topale, and that he's taking night patrols. So you'll need to search TOPALE at night, and you can usually find the sergeant in the bottom left corner of the town. Hopefully that's a bit more clear.
Dude, I am so STOKED for New Game Plus with all the updates you made for the game! I'm so glad I put off playing the New Game Plus Mode until now.

Also, thank you so much for squashing the bugs and upgrading the game. I hope you learned a lot about game development! Good luck on your next project. :D
Thanks! I always appreciate when people get hyped to play my games, it makes me feel as though the effort is well spent. Hope you enjoy the next playthrough!
Also, the Tower of Lux appears to be unsolvable, two separate waterfalls on the third floor must be off at the same time for me to progress, but no matter what combination of switches is set, there is only one waterfall that's off, and three that are on; each switch doesn't work if there are two on or two off in its range, and switches the waterfalls if one is on and the other off. I think I have even softlocked myself in there.

I've figured it out now, after killing between 300 and 500 enemies.

Is there any way to get past the tower? I entered at level 15, and while looking for the solution I am now level 22. Plus, the crabs are ridiculously evasive (something like 60% of my attacks miss them!)

(sorry for the repeated post, I thought my trackpad was being unresponsive)
The weird thing is that Tarasque is the first boss with a special death animation, when you're already 10 hours in.

And I really hope Grey's MP doesn't cap at 999...
I think I may have missed something, I just got six notifications about this post, so I'm not sure if you edited the original one or not. I'm putting together a guide for the game which will include solutions to all the puzzles, but as for the towers it shouldn't be possible to soft lock yourself. I'll see if I can send you a hint via PM, I'm just not at my computer right now. And actually the Atlach Nacha in the Caeli Forest had a special death animation as well, but it's easy to accidentally skip. And no, the MP cap is 9999. Nothing to worry about there.
I'm halfway through my New Game Plus playthrough, and I'm actually surprised to find there's another secret I didn't discover in my initial playthrough from v5.6! XD

(Spoilers underneath)
For your reference, it's that thing in Topale. I'm so money grinding for that.

Also, I'm at level 73 now. Do I need ALL characters at Level 99 for the secret final boss, or just my active party? Thanks in advance!

I'm gonna chuck in a review soon. I just need to create some screenshots and upload them somewhere so I can put them into the review.
Wow, way to grind! I didn't actually expect anyone to TRY to find the secret final boss, it took me almost 4 playthroughs to get to max level. You actually just need the party leader at max level, but it's definitely best to have a solid party when going into the fight. Also, great job finding that other secret! I think you're the only person to have found it so far, I haven't had ANYONE mention it, and that was in the very earliest release of the game. Great job, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!
My next roadblock is Leviathan... level 25 doesn't seem sufficient to survive its limit break and following move combined, even though not too long ago you are given two extremely underleveled party members, each at 15! It always knocks out at least 2 of us. Plus, it has like 500 agility, so losing 2 party members is impossible to recover from. What level would you recommend? This game seems really grindy, although managing the herbs makes it fun in the long gaps between dungeons. I'd expect the total playtime including postgame to be closer to 100 hours than 20!

What this Leviathan might be like IRL:

A 400m long, 5000 ton creature that can swim at supersonic speeds and sink the Titanic by itself. Maybe even a worthy competitor to the Final Fantasy Leviathan. I imagine it just sinks back into the ocean rather than actually dying after defeat in this case.
Honestly, you're actually probably over leveled for that part of the game. The mission you're on now has a built in fix (later on) that gives you a couple extra levels just in case you're below level 20. I've beaten the Leviathan before at around level 17. I'd recommend playing around with the battle settings (the Tips and Tricks video helps explain them better) or stocking up on medicines and stimulants by completing side missions offered by the assassins in the sanctuary. Also, if you haven't already purchased Heal and Life tomes from the merchant in Amethyne, that can help immensely. And forging new weapons from the merchant in Diamo should be possible with the carbon and iron that you've mined from the cave so far, or purchasing equipment from the general store. Hope this helps!

EDIT: Ha ha, I kind of like your comparison, although it's not QUITE that dramatic. Kind of makes me feel like I can at least create a challenging boss fight though. Canonically, it's a sea creature that is subject to deep-sea gigantism, prefers cold climates and isolation, and are very territorial. The holes that extend to the ocean floor in Glacio's Throat are an ideal habitat for them, as they connect to the open ocean, so traveling through the area is essentially invading it's territory, but it's not exactly meant to be a god-level monster of mythic proportion.
Hello! I'm almost finished with my New Game Plus. I kinda ran into what seems to be some bug? This is part of the last two main quests. (This is in V 5.9)

My active party is at Lvl 99, but they can't do magic damage to the White Dragon or the Black Dragon. The magic damage registers as some sort of purple orb/shield. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, tbh, because I remember I didn't have a problem defeating them using magic-based skills. But at the same time, I know I can defeat them without using magic-based skills; just that it takes a long time lmao.
Hey AnneLaurant, no that's not a bug. That was intentional at the time, but only for new game plus. I actually completely forgot about that. It's not really necessary for that to be a feature any more, given the changes made this last year, I just forgot to change it. Thinking about it now, that kind of makes certain characters... Somewhat useless in that fight, except to use items. Hopefully beating them isn't too much of a grind, but thanks for pointing that out, I realize it's not exactly the best "feature" and I may remove it later.

Also, out of curiosity, did you manage to find the secret final boss? You mentioned your party was at max level, I'm curious if you've stumbled across it yet!
Finally beat Leviathan at level 27. Definitely a huge difficulty spike, it has more than twice the health of any previous boss and some very powerful attacks.

And then Leviathan is very weak compared to the Master Guardian, which has 9999 agility and over 2000 base damage... is that supposed to be an optional superboss? He's presumably unbeatable the first time you fight him.

By the way, how do I get past the Shroud tutorial? I've managed to survive for over 50 of the opponent's attacks, but I still can't pass the tutorial. (Never mind, I just held Q to run away, although it requires good RNG - at least 7 turns of Shroud active, and at least one missed attack by the guardian).
I mean, you are exaggerating the stats a little bit. The literal agility cap is 999, as it the ATK stat, neither of which is what either of those enemies have, but in the case of the Guardian, you're supposed to lose that fight. Which is why the game continues after the loss. I'll reiterate, if you're having difficulty with the combat, adjust the battle settings and see if it helps, and make sure you're well prepared with items. That's the best advice I can offer you, it's up to you if you want to take it. This game is meant to be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be if you try new things.

Hope that helps, and I hope that didn't come across as rude, I'm genuinely trying to help you out here.
The reason why I said 9999 is that the Master Guardian's ATB bar filled up completely when the team's ATB bars did not move a single pixel.

Also, this is one of my favorite RPG Maker games, you did an excellent job balancing the damages and everything.
Hopefully beating them isn't too much of a grind, but thanks for pointing that out, I realize it's not exactly the best "feature" and I may remove it later.

It was actually pretty funny to discover because I took both spellcasters for my "final" party build (no they will not be my actual final party build) and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't doing any damage lol. XD Fortunately, it wasn't too much of a pain to defeat without the spellcasters. XD

Also, out of curiosity, did you manage to find the secret final boss? You mentioned your party was at max level, I'm curious if you've stumbled across it yet!

Yup. ;^) It's a pretty sneaky one! I'll tell you if I beat it lol.
The reason why I said 9999 is that the Master Guardian's ATB bar filled up completely when the team's ATB bars did not move a single pixel.

Also, this is one of my favorite RPG Maker games, you did an excellent job balancing the damages and everything.

Oh! I'm glad to hear that, I thought you weren't enjoying it. I've gotten a fair bit of criticism on the difficulty, but every time I tried making it easier, it became so easy that it was no longer fun. Balancing was tough. Glad you're having fun!

Yup. ;^) It's a pretty sneaky one! I'll tell you if I beat it lol.

Awesome! Defense ignoring abilities are your friend. Tip, X level spells ignore defense.
hi Strak
I stuck at this place im in a labirith with gray a have to go other side of the rom without been hit by fire ball i awy die when i dont have pillar to hide the red fire ball area help me