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"What if you knew you were going to die?
If you knew that thousands would die in your wake?
What if you could stop it from happening?
What would you do?
What wouldn't you do?"

Bloodstained Hands is a 20 hours plus (approximately) RPG following the story of Rain, a young man forced into living his life cloaked in blood and shadows. As he fights to overcome the oppression of a tyrannical Emperor, he will come to realize that evil is not so black-and-white as it may seem, and none can say who the true villains are.

  • A beautiful world artistically crafted using Parallax Mapping techniques
  • A breathtaking soundtrack from Fesliyan Studios (https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/)
  • An immersive story with a fresh take on your typical RPG clich├ęs
  • An ATB battle system with various customizations
  • An intense, dynamic Overdrive system
  • A New Game Plus mode - play through the game with all your party members and skills intact!
  • No RTP. Just extract and play!
  • Various types of crafting
  • Optional mini-games in certain towns and pubs
  • A host of side quests to keep you entertained
  • Repeatable missions for endless adventures

Download Instructions
If you are downloading this game for the first time, just extract and play! No further instructions required. There is a read-me file in the root folder that explains controls and how to modify them.

If you are updating the game from a previous version, simply move your save files from the root folder of the old game into the new one. To ensure the game updates properly, activate the list at the entrance to the Sanctuary at any time after completing the training sequence at the start of the game, then unequip and re-equip your characters.

Thanks to orochii for the game page CSS. Support orochii here.

Latest Blog

Bloodstained Hands v5.9.8!

This update has been ready for a while now, but I just never got around to releasing it. Regardless, here it is! Bloodstained Hands v5.9.8!

What's new?
- Added a new encounter mode, and ability to switch between modes
- Added two new Overdrive skills
- Intimidate now affects enemies with queued actions
- Updated some of the more challenging puzzles
- Modified the secret final boss

Here's a full breakdown of the update list, with the reasons behind each update. Spoilers ahead.

So, first and foremost, the encounter mode. A lot of the feedback I've gotten relates to the random encounters, which is a pretty dated system that doesn't hold up as well in the present day, but does have some nostalgic charm. It seems as though avoidable touch encounters are a preferred method for turn based battle systems, and I agree. So, to that end, I've implemented touch encounters similar to a style seen in Villnoire. However, since I personally like the random encounter system, and I'm sure there are lots of other players that do too, I've kept both styles, and added an option in the System menu to toggle which encounter type you currently have active. Now you get to choose! Bait has also been modified to work with either encounter type, and certain dungeons that don't support touch encounters will still have random encounters.

Next, the two new Overdrives. Major spoilers here. So once you get the two ultimate staves, you get access to the skills Fiend and Celestial. While these skills are certainly powerful and useful, they lose their significance once they've been triggered once. They're basically just a stat buff. What happens when you get another Overdrive ready, but you've already used those skills? You're left with the default character signature Overdrives. Well, not anymore. Now, if a character has either Fiend or Celestial already active, their next Overdrive will unlock Abyssus or Aether, respectively. This is a massive Dark or Light spell that targets all enemies and hits three times, all at no MP cost! Definitely powerful, but takes some preparation to truly pull off!

On to the next update, Intimidate. This skill was pretty useless unless your wait mode was set to Full, since it wouldn't affect enemies with queued actions. Now, it does. It will always drain enemy wait gauges if they're not completely full, but now it will also have a chance to cancel a queued enemy action as well. This could be pretty overpowered, but certain enemies will have a better chance at resisting this skill, although no enemy is completely immune.

And finally, the secret final boss! I've made some adjustments to this boss that make it more than just a simple damage sponge. It still has the same hooks it had before, but it also has a new conversion skill that swaps immunities and resistances to Light and Dark magic - for the player. In other words, while this skill is active, healing magic will damage you, but if you're hit with a Light or Dark spell from the boss, you'll be healed. You can cancel this status at any time, but... well, there is an incentive to keep it active on at least one of your party members. I won't say more than that.

Anyway, that's it for this update! I won't be adding any more content to this game, it's officially done now. I will update it if anyone finds a bug or glitch that needs to be fixed, but this is the final update for Bloodstained Hands. I've had this ready for a while now, but I didn't want to release it until I was sure that I was done with the game and that everything worked smoothly. Thank you to everyone who played this game and gave feedback, you've really helped me to become a better developer!


Oh that's not a glitch, dashing is disabled in those areas. It may sound weird, but it actually felt like more of a grind when dashing was enabled in certain dungeons, particularly outdoor dungeons. Something about the encounter rates and the quick movement just didn't mix, but it's hard to explain without actually experiencing it fit yourself. As for the world map, dashing was always disabled there. It just looked goofy to be sprinting past mountains and oceans when it's meant to portray crossing a considerably more significant difference than the actual steps taken.

It's very similar to a lot of the classic final fantasy games in that sense, actually. A lot of the initial inspiration for some of the game mechanics came from FFII.
I'm glad that it wasn't a glitch. I can enjoy it for now :D
Well don't get too comfortable. I figured something out, something I'd never considered doing before but hey, I gave it a shot and it worked like a charm! I'll be releasing an update tonight in the next few hours (keep an eye out for v5.8). With that update, among other things, dashing will still be disabled on the world map, and will be the same in all indoor locations and cities, BUT! In outdoor dungeons, dashing is enabled, but is half the speed of regular dashing. It is noticeably faster, but not as fast as the regular dash speed. It should make it less of a grind. The idea is that in a natural outdoor environment, you've gotta watch your step. Trying sprinting through a forest or up a mountain without tripping. It's damn near impossible. And looks kind of silly. But that doesn't mean you can't move at more than a walk. So thank you all for the feedback, I love being challenged on how to do new things with code in a language I don't understand and figuring out how to make it work. That's why I do this in the first place.

EDIT: And the update is live! Thanks for all your feedback, I'm always dedicated to improving this game where I can, at least until I finally get to work on the only other project I've got my mind on. Just gotta figure out where to start. Enjoy the updated version, previous save files should be fully compatible. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs and I'll be sure to address them right away!
This game looks really beautiful, the mapping is really well done. I love it.
The fighting....I miss the battle music to go with it.
Maybe this can be added to the game later?

Keep up this well polished game.

Wooaaah, thanks for the live stream my man! Never really thought anyone would do that with a game like this. I had to work today, so I couldn't watch it live, but I'll definitely be watching it later bit by bit as I have time, and I'll be taking feedback to heart. Super grateful, I really appreciate it. I liked and subscribed to your channel, I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your other streams!
This game looks really beautiful, the mapping is really well done. I love it.
The fighting....I miss the battle music to go with it.
Maybe this can be added to the game later?

Keep up this well polished game.


Battle music seems to be one of the most highly requested features now, other than a repel item. Honestly when I first made the game, the music I was using was mismatched, and the battle music was jarring. Since switching to Fesliyan studios, it's been much improved, but back then I only added battle music to boss fights to make things a little more consistent. The only issue I'm having with that now is that the battle music interrupts the map music, which restarts after every battle. I can't tell you how irritating that gets after a while. I may consider adding battle music, but at the same time I like the way it is now, so if I do I'll see if I can fix those issues and maybe add a feature in the system menu to disable battle music if someone prefers it the way it is now.
Guardian of the Description Thread

going live with ya game

This site's youtube tag isn't particularly friendly with "youtu.be" links, or the like. If you wanted to actually post the video here, it would be (and excuse the automatic inclusion of the URL tag)...


...like so, and would result...

...like so.
sorry but i cannot find ths silk-like piece in diana's castl
I'm trying to figure out what you mean, but I honestly have no idea. There's no one in the game named Diana and there isn't a part of the game where you need to find anything silk-like. The closest I can think of is Dawn, but that still doesn't get me closer to helping you.
sorry, it's the quest in Astrid's palace
Oh, I think you mean the bone shard. Yeah I can help with that.

It's in a hidden area. In the dungeons, look in the cell in the very bottom right. You'll need to pick the lock on the cell door. Then examine the wall to the right where it's a bit misshapen. Some dialogue will appear then you'll be able to walk through the wall. The Shard is in there, but you'll need to pick several more locks first.

Hope this helps.
I cannot find the Item in the mines of terra, but i can mine the silver rocks?
I'm sorry, I really don't know what you're looking for. Please make your questions more specific if possible. I don't know what item you are looking for or what point you are at in the game.
Ugh... I think I broke something. Is anyone else experiencing problems with walking speed? I think I needed to do a little more testing with that modified dash speed. For some reason, I'm now walking ridiculously fast and I CAN'T FIX IT. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, can you please comment below? I'm working on a fix for it myself now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
I was asked by Numbers to search for an Item in mines of terra.
I found the Celstial Sword
I found a usa for the farm tools.
In infiltration my mission is "Obtain the item locked away in the Mines of terra".
I am at this point
Oh, I see. That's a random optional mission, you can repeat that mission and be sent to any town or dungeon you've previously visited. The mines are just one location of many where you can be sent. That's why I didn't know what you were looking for. You're looking for a silver chest, it can be found in a random location in the mines. It's possible that it is located in the closed off section, so you'll need to enter from Astrid's Palace if that's the case. I'll double check the code to make sure I didn't accidentally remove the chest during testing.
Good evening,

I've launched an update for Bloodstained Hands, so version 5.9 is now available. I'll go over what's available and why I made these adjustments, but first I have some bittersweet news.

As of this update, I have to announce that I will be sunsetting the support for this game. I will still be keeping an eye on the comments and responding where I can, and of course if someone finds a bug I will gladly fix it, but I will likely not be releasing any more game-changing updates or modifications past this point. The reason for this is that I've spent over a decade in polishing this game, and I've learned that it will never be perfect. I will always be able to improve some feature or mechanic, or enhance a graphic or add more content. There is no such thing as an end date for a passion project such as this. However, the more time I spend polishing a finished project, the less time I have to spend on other endeavors.

I have a project in mind that I want to work on, and it's going to require a major time commitment. It's a visual novel I've dubbed the "Children of Gaia," and I'm going for the most beautiful project I can possibly make, using all the skills and knowledge I've accumulated over the last 13 years of game development. For that reason, I need to take my focus away from Bloodstained Hands, at least the development side of things. I have already committed to putting together a game-guide to help out players and answer some of the more frequently asked questions, and I will complete that. I may also release a few more videos based on certain requests, but that's about all. I sincerely appreciate the feedback I've received from all of you, I can honestly say I've stretched myself more and improved this game more in the last two months than I have in the last two years prior. So, with this last round of feedback, I've made a few final modifications that I hope you enjoy, and I hope you'll keep an eye out for my next project!

So without further ado, what's included in version 5.9?

Battle music! Probably the second-most requested feature besides a repel item (which I included in 5.8), there is now battle BGM for random encounters. It's not perfect though, since I was unable to prevent the map BGM from restarting after every battle, but if you prefer it the old way, that's fine, because of the second update.

You can now disable the new battle BGM in the system menu. If you prefer the classic way, where the map music would continue playing through random encounters, and only bosses had special music, you can disable the random encounter BGM.

In addition to these updates, I also modified the shop scene and the forge scene to properly display stat changes for new weapons and armour. Now, this requires some explanation. Let's say you've got a character with a single dagger equipped, but he can dual wield. What would the stat change display if he was looking at a two handed weapon? It would show what the stat growth would be, replacing the current equipped item. Now, how about a reverse situation? You've got a two handed weapon, you can dual wield, and you're looking at a one handed weapon. Well, in that case, you would see the stat changes for if you equipped TWO of that one handed weapon. Basically, if you're looking at a new weapon, the comparison stats will show you the highest possible stat increase if you were to use that weapon (even if it would grow just by equipping one but not the other), or the lowest possible stat decrease if you were to swap your equipment. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to put this bit of code together. Four hours of my life, gone. On about 12 lines of code.

And the last change is in regards to cutscenes. They've been enhanced with more character movement and on screen interaction. Hopefully it'll make for a more interesting and engaging gameplay experience.

Well, with all that said (gosh that was long-winded), I hope you enjoy the final update of Bloodstained Hands! Save files are of course compatible. Thank you for your support and feedback, please report any bugs below, and happy playing!
I was sent by Sanguine to kill a woman in the tower of light.
I went there lots of times but nowe i cannot solve the puzzle (lots of switches) neither go to the top of the tower. Did you change the configuration or should I persevere?