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This is the most recent version of Bloodstained Hands. If you are updating from a previous version, your old save files will be compatible with this version. Simply move the save files from the old game folder into the new one.

Included as of 5.9.3:
- Fixed a bug where Imperial Mages would only ever cast Life
- Fixed other minor graphical and utility bugs
- Modified the Menu System Options for a more consistent UI
- Expanded the window color changer in the Menu System Options
- Modified Toxins to apply Poison status ailment to weapons

Included as of 5.9.2:
- Fixed a bug where certain party members could rejoin your party when they shouldn't
- Fixed a bug where the mission log would update at times when it shouldn't
- Added item icons to enemy loot drops

Included as of 5.9.1:
- New cutscenes and on-screen character interaction
- Fixed a bug where dashing would not disable in certain locations
- Modified Overdrive skill damage and capabilities
- Added a unique cursor when allies have a full Overdrive meter
- Added target selection for skills that target the user or target all
- Simplified the ATB wait modes in the System menu
- Updated the in-game guide
- Updated NPC character sprites for greater distinction and variety
- Balanced combat and boss battles
- Updated BGS effects with higher quality sounds
- Rearranged and modified the Status menu to display Overdrive gauges
- Updated button inputs for opening the menu
- Updated item costs
- Updated encounter rate algorithm
- Included two additional battle themes, and randomized battle music
- Updated the Monster Log to display status ailment resistances
- Updated Alchemy and Forge to display all weapon and armour stats, as well as item effects
- Added an option to transfer experience between party members in New Game Plus

Included as of 5.9:
- Added Battle BGM to random encounters
- Added an option to disable random encounter BGM in the system menu
- Updated the shop scene and the forge scene to properly display stat changes
- Improved cutscenes with more on-screen interaction

Included as of 5.8:
- Modified dash speed in outdoor dungeons
- Expanded cutscenes during and after the mission "The Test" to better explain character backstories
- Added "Bait" to certain item shops to decrease encounter rates
- Replaced Overdrive skill "Execution" with "Gamble"
- Modified "Lethality" to become an Overdrive skill with 100% accuracy and crit chance
- Added a secret final boss for level 99 characters and accompanying special reward
- Updated graphics for Sleep and Insanity badges
- Added Necro, Horrify, Light, Dark, All, and Clear badges
- Updated item drops for two raid bosses to include new badges
- Added chests to certain dungeons with more loot

Included as of 5.7:
- Updated the Status and Equip screens to display Hit Ratio, Evasion, Critical Hit rate, and resisted elements and status ailments
- Added a method of earning money during "Bombs Away"
- Added a method of tracking progress through the Nox Catacombs
- Added an explanation of how Spell Tomes work at the Amethyne magic shop
- Minor graphical and bug fixes

Included as of 5.6:
- Fixed a game-breaking bug during the mission "Vengeance"

Included as of 5.5:
- Fixed a bug where the skills "Imperil" and "Bane" would not function properly
- Minor graphical fixes
- Replaced the "Pickaxe" with an "Iron Pickaxe" and added a "Bronze Pickaxe" to Mount Fulmen. Iron Ore can be mined much earlier now

Included as of 5.4:
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed broken files
- Adjusted opponent AI for dice game in pubs
- Fixed skills that weren't functioning properly
- Balanced combat

Included as of 5.3:
- "Intimidate" now affects all enemies, instead of just one
- Added Overdrive, plus 29 new Overdrive skills!
- Enabled critical hits on most physical skills (Flurry, Power Attack, etc.)
- New dice game available at all pubs
- Increased JoiPlay compatibility for certain visual aspects
- Minor graphical enhancements and bug fixes

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