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Bloodstained Hands is on the following playlists...
Play List User Description
Completed Games button Games I have finished entirely.
Play List Icelord888 Default Playlist
nicenicenicenice pouseylovasix UwU
Play List Split Default Playlist
Play List xander1009 Default Playlist
Play List Switz Default Playlist
Play List whacker Default Playlist
Games Ivanna Play tonymichaelhead Default Playlist
Play List Nydan Default Playlist
Play List LihtRoger Default Playlist
Play List Jihelu Default Playlist
Games I've Played BlissyMKW RPG Maker games I have done playthroughs of.
Plan to Play Them HestiaHearth89 games I still plan to play.
Play List SilentAngel Default Playlist
Other miscellanous games TheRpgmakerAddict other games I played and liked!
Potential Good Games Icelord888 Games that have potential in my eyes of being good.
to playy lil_dragon
Adventure retarded_meatball
To Play button Game I intend to play sooner or later.
Phiêu lưu, giả tưởng Chane
Plan to play Zachfoss Games I want to play! but when? duh duh duuhhhhhhhhh