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Communications are down, the wilds are filled with beasts driven to unnatural levels of aggression, and there's a pervasive feeling that *something* is about to happen. But what, exactly, is going to happen? And how does a city that vanished 2000 years ago play into all this?


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- Build up your team! False Skies features a novel class system, where you layer on new classes as you progress through the game. Tired of a basic fighter? Once the time comes, turn them into a Light Infantry for that extra damage, a Dancer if you're feeling lucky, or a Hexer if you're tired of them being a serious damage dealer at all.

- Everyone can equip everything! Sure, Mages work best with rods, but if push comes to shove there's nothing stopping you from giving your one a sword. They may be useless at using it, but there may be classes out there that excel with weapons you wouldn't expect of them...

- Learned a skill that's a direct upgrade of an older one you already have? If it's part of a skill family, it'll be overwritten, keeping your list of skills relatively tidy!

- Fall in battle? No worries; with a fee, you'll be back at the last save point you used or town you went to. Indeed, there's some cases where falling in battle may lead to new things...

- Well over 200 enemies to encounter
- What is probably far too many dungeons than is reasonable


What's here is incredibly substantial, but still ends right before a critical moment. You'll know if/when you get there.

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Beautiful graphics! Love the gbc style.
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