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Communications are down, the wilds are filled with beasts driven to unnatural levels of aggression, and there's a pervasive feeling that *something* is about to happen. But what, exactly, is going to happen? And how does a city that vanished 2000 years ago play into all this?


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- Build up your team! False Skies features a novel class system, where you layer on new classes as you progress through the game. Tired of a basic fighter? Once the time comes, turn them into a Light Infantry for that extra damage, a Dancer if you're feeling lucky, or a Hexer if you're tired of them being a serious damage dealer at all.

- Everyone can equip everything! Sure, Mages work best with rods, but if push comes to shove there's nothing stopping you from giving your one a sword. They may be useless at using it, but there may be classes out there that excel with weapons you wouldn't expect of them...

- Learned a skill that's a direct upgrade of an older one you already have? If it's part of a skill family, it'll be overwritten, keeping your list of skills relatively tidy!

- Fall in battle? No worries; with a fee, you'll be back at the last save point you used or town you went to. Indeed, there's some cases where falling in battle may lead to new things...

- Well over 200 enemies to encounter
- What is probably far too many dungeons than is reasonable


What's here is pretty substantial, covering 4 main dungeons, and ends right before you'll be able to actually get your class changes.

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Even if you don't buy it, a wishlist/follow would be very appreciated.

There will inevitably be some bugs and other things I'll need to mess with in the future, but the game is feature complete. As usual, get in contact with me if you find any issues.
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  • 08/30/2021 03:07 PM
  • 03/06/2023 04:24 AM
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Beautiful graphics! Love the gbc style.
This looks really cool and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes! Keep up the great work!
i highkey wish this was on steam for the exposure. it looks too awesome


Some feedback:
I played the demo (was a bit disappointed i was a generalist and couldn't upgrade the class in the demo, unless i overlooked smth (made it to level 19, i fought alone, probably on normal)
I kinda liked it. And kinda didn't.
For one the story seems so far the pretty stereotypical silent hero type. I never liked that. Additionally i prefer being able to play purely as a mage/cleric hybrid with aeos if possible. (It was disappointing that when i played solo i had to do so as a melee character. :/)

Anyways. Music was good, the animations were a bit short (I have to say i am a sucker for long animations if they look good), graphics are rather good for what they are except the short animations.

Storywise we simply have no... agenda. We just are an explorer. Don't think i remember anything of our origin in the story so far. And i didn't do 100% (Beating that damn stealing archer bird solo was a chore, lemme tell you that xD)...

Money seems to be at a rather short supply (I kind of like that ngl, but it would be better if enemies dropped more.)

I like that enemies weren't just, usually, spam attack and kill ya that way. They had different skills and abilities too. Especially the antagonists.

All in all i played like 3 hours till i went outside that cave and as warned ended the demo.

What i don't understand is why would they destroy so much? Why not try politics to make sure they could migrate somewhere? Scarce food elsewhere? Didn't really seem so... and if they have such capabilities why not try to sell their abilities itself? That could tide them over. Or even target a single country to make sure they could take that over, etc In general we don't see any farms just cities. But that might just be a pet peeve of mine. FARMS heh

There is just a lot of holes, though that might just be the demo, very likely, but still.

Furthermore the skill family thing... sure it keeps your skill list neat and tidy... but it also robs you of the ability to, well, cast a cheaper spell for less damage. Hear me out. There is enemies that kind of are hard to kill via the sword right? And a stronger spell is overkill since the weaker spell would make do? Given how tight SP is, it would be far better to have access to the cheaper spells too. Or for an example if you go back to lower tiered areas later... you don't want to spend all your mana on that.

Also SP boosting items didn't seem to have any effect? (At least the bow i got from that bird didn't seem to increase my SP despite what was shown on the stat window when equipped.)

Have a good day. If you want to inquire about smth fell free to ask, while i still remember it xD

Thanks for playing through the demo.

Some comments on your comments:

- As-is, the demo ends right before you'd be able to get your class change, so you didn't miss anything there.

- The attack animation length is unfortunately a limitation of the engine I'm using. Glad to hear the other audio/visual elements of the game hold up, though.

- The game's mostly balanced around having a full party, with the increased damage and utility that affords . Level 17's a bit higher than the level 10 I intended one to get to by the end of the demo, but a higher level's a bit inevitable in a solo run.

- I'm a bit aware of the issues the mute create-a-characters have, and also how I've done them in this game. I've done a few other things involving NPCs and story beats that I'm hoping mitigates that later down the line.

- I'm kinda glad you ran into one of the catches of the skill families. It's a bit difficult to really see in the demo , but one of the side-effects of switching your class earlier rather than later is that they keep their lower-power skills around, for better or worse.

- Why the Army of Garm, and Garm in general, is doing what it's doing gets a bunch more explanation further down the line, so don't worry about that.

- It's funny that you mention farms: I was planning on making an alternative battle background for the fields in the Gattun area, but my attempt was kinda messy and I eventually decided against it.

- Thanks for catching the issue with the bow. That's been fixed up, and I'll try and get an update to the demo up this week.
Hi! Does this have a full version yet?.
I'm planning on getting the full version out on steam and itch.io by the end of the month. It's done, but I want to get a bit more testing and revisions in between now and then.
I'm planning on getting the full version out on steam and itch.io by the end of the month. It's done, but I want to get a bit more testing and revisions in between now and then.

Great, man. This looks amazing. I'll be watching.
Alright... i have been sitting in the fog fern for an hour now without ANY progress.... (bought the steam version) (Trying to reach IO)

Any clues? Also still using generalist, since well, the class options aren't good for a soloist.

Btw I officially hate you for the fight where i had to face... i think mos was the name and the healer. That was brutal.

Have a good day. xD
Alright... i have been sitting in the fog fern for an hour now without ANY progress.... (bought the steam version) (Trying to reach IO)

Any clues? Also still using generalist, since well, the class options aren't good for a soloist.

Btw I officially hate you for the fight where i had to face... i think mos was the name and the healer. That was brutal.

Have a good day. xD

You can go under the highway, if that's your problem.

If not, just follow the wooden walkways and you'll be able to get out.

In any case, glad you're sticking out your solo run.

Thanks i am a moron sometimes... xD

Of course i stick to the soloist route when possible. I also deny the "get to a save point" option after death making it harder. :(

But the game overall isn't bad but due to my soloist run i need far too many ressources now. (level 31 currently hope to find an advanced class i can switch too)

Is there a max level btw? I hope not cause i dont wanna end with a level 100 generalist kek Though that might be the case at this point lol

Have a good day.
Goddamn it...

You really need to tune down Zeus Gels. They are an insta kill.

I just got my 1,3k HP downed to 0 by zeus gels... like 4 times. Once they hit you and stun lock you, you are dead as a soloist. At least introduce smth against stun... :( This isn't fun. xD

Have a good day.

Okay: You can kill them they dont first to bowl on you the first 3 turns... so if you use 60 SP you can beat them.... Maybe i just got unlucky before lol (Fire aeo spam for the win)
The max level is level 98 or 99, but there's a place at the absolute end of the game where you can get rid of your initial class for a top-tier one, so don't worry too much about that. As long as you can find some tier 2/3/4 classes to gain some levels in along the way, you'll be fine.

I also went and changed the Zeus Gels so that they can only use Bowl Over when alone or at low HP, and gave them a rare drop of the stun-mitigating add-on. I want to wait on a few more issues to crop up before pushing a new update, though.
Hey there Free Nicks!

Thats good, for now i managed to grind in the area with the slimes after switching to librarian (having only 2 casts to kill them really gives you a chance)

However the rng chance to just be ganged up on is real kek

Anyways i will grind for now. (need too for gold.)

Gold is really scarce for a soloist due to the need to use skills and MP regen items being pretty expensive and the spell cost being high.
Hope i can make it with librarian cause MP heal mid battle is still not around.

Have a good day.

Edit: Giving bowl over a MP cost would probably help too... i also got killed by it like 11 times now xD
This... is insane. Twin Speak can deal x2 700 damage... i have 1,7k health.

You really shouldn't allow for solo runs if you make stupid stuff like that :(

Time to try to find a way to do SOMETHING against that.

Alright. I can bring down twin spear to 200 damage (unbuffed) but as soon as he buffs... 400-500 damage. Ref shot: 500+600 damage

Damage dealt 400-500 x 4... and no one died... god this will be hard.


Yes this is stupid. I tried everything. There is no way, besides praying for a lot of misses, that you can win this as a mage. -_-

I don't want a party but this fight is stupid. I am level 45 btw. (10 librarian, 36 generalist.)

If enemies can deal like your full health bar (yes double fere and the beat thingy kind of got his damage with double fere (unless 1 was removed? I don't remember) to like 899x2) this is just... not balanced and stupid. My strongest spell does 700 damage and my highest heal is 500....

Edit2: I found a way. Barely. Its purely rng dependant but can work. Basically the one doing the buffing needs to die first. If you use typhon x3 and hope that certain moves arent used you can survive... by using like a ton of items to heal afterwards and hope you get a fere off. Than you can win.

But seriously i hate it when it is rng dependant. :(
Congrats on clearing the fight. I tested False Skies assuming you'd have a full party, healer included, so certain fights are probably much harder than intended when tackled solo.

Some other points:
- All the tier 3 classes are available in the northwest quadrant of the map, though some may be easier to find than others.
- You're also at a high enough level that you'll be able to go into a Tier 4 class as soon as you find one.
- I was going to suggest that you allow yourself to fail three times against that fight and just let the failsafe that'd let you progress anyway kick in, but as it turns out I had set that up wrong and it'd have locked you in place, so I've gone and fixed that, and uploaded a new build to itch.io and steam.
Currently found:
and Merchant.

Also currently stuck in the damn underwater palace... a map for it would be nice as i am utterly lost how to get to B3. I activated a switch that moves the things, but i am seriously lost now... btw almost level 51 now xD

Just waiting to find the rest to know if i should switch or not lol

Hate switching without knowing my options.

Edit 2: Probably not stuck anymore. I just got really lost for... quite some time. The maps are somewhat big with little treasures or stuff to encourage exploration more except talking to people

Edit 3: Lady Ceph was outmatched hard. Damage taken: 200 xD Yeah my wave clear was a clear counter... ah how amusing. Those two gave me immense trouble and cephi does nothing xD

Edit4: Got elementalist :D

Edit5: Found arcanist :D
Nice. I think Cephi Palace is the most severe dungeon in terms of being a navigational puzzle, and I feel it'd also start feeling rather cramped if it was any smaller. I'll keep that comment in mind for future projects, though.

As for the last tier 3 class you're missing, you'll need to get defeated in a particular part of the overworld to get access to it.
Hey there Fee Nicks!

Been playing a bit longer, collected most the classes too! (Havenmaker, Scholar, Heavy Infantry, Seer and Elementalist.)
Now I need to ask for my choice to... advance.

Scholars abilities what do they do?
Havenmaker seems like the "saver" option due to giving me healing and regen.
But well.... Scholar and Seer sound good to for a mage

Additional some feedback from a soloist point of view.
Stun and maybe paralysis is your greatest enemey. You can't cure it. You can't even gain resistances against it even when you get tier 4 classes. Given i am far from exploring everything but its busted. (Maps are large but empty from interesting interactions... if we don't count books. I like the books lore)

Additional issues are enemies get real strong later. Real Strong damage wise. And healing items i have access too (level 61) heal like 500 at most. :(

Well thats it for now. Will try to grind a bit further have a good one.
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