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Q&A Dev-Talk Livestream!


We'll be hosting a livestream with the dev-team for Marinette very soon! Make sure to drop by if you're interested! More info on the image below!

✨ Stream will be hosted at the Lead-Dev's Twitch, link here

✨ We aren't accepting any more questions through tumblr, but feel free to drop any you might have in chat! We'll have a segment just for that!

✨ 26th September, 17:00 UTC! That means tomorrow! Or...today in some places!

✨ It'll be a fun and lighthearted time! Let's vibe together!



Hello everyone!

This is our very first post!
We've been working on the game page, and it's more or less complete and shiny ✨

Please feel free to check also out Marinette's trailer!

Thank you so much, and we hope you'll be looking forward to the release of the demo!
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