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Ume is a woman who has found herself in an underground hole. With only a mysterious note telling her to search for items known as "effects", Ume ventures deeper, finding herself in a strange world made of sweet dreams and haunting nightmares. By finding all of the effects, maybe she'll find a true way to escape?

This is a game I originally made for the third Dream Diary jam to celebrate Yume Nikki's anniversary back in 2019. It's since been updated for every yearly jam with 2021 being planned as the final update. Due to other issues, this final update didn't come in time for the jam, but an update still came. I then spent a couple weeks to add the things I wanted and finally have the game to a point where I want to share it on Newgrounds. I also began to spread it onto more websites where people could try it out or themselves.

As a Yume Nikki fangame, the goal is to find all of the effects found throughout the world. Dialogue is kept to a minimum with the majority of events and story points up for player interpretation.

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