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Befriend residents of the city as they go about their daily rituals. Finnchuk is the new kid in town and he's looking for new friends to recruit to his club. Explore the town of Hot Ice City and befriend its inhabitants by tracking their schedules and completing quests.

Each character has their own daily rituals, so you'll have to uncover when and where they will be at certain locations to complete all of their personal storylines. In this demo, nearly all of the locations are accessible. There are over 30 characters who all have their own daily schedules.

Finnchuk is a 3rd grader who comes from a town called Biggert City. He's in charge of the Little Kids Club and is seeking new friends to join him! In this game, you'll talk to people in the city to gain friendship points, by going on quests and doing tasks for them.

Most of the quests haven't been fully implemented yet, but the entire system is in place and the town is ready to explore. Most of the fun is discovering the citizens' daily schedules, but if you're impatient and just want to skip to the story segments, there is a rough schedule outline included in the readme file. As a hint, the only fully functioning quest right now involves Murou. Head to the Dojo in the morning to find out more.

This project was created for Global Game Jam 2016 (meaning we created it in under 48 hours). The entire game and all of its artwork was created in a single weekend by Steve Rakar and Michelle Rakar.

Latest Blog

Download Link Added

I added a link to download the Windows version! As I mentioned in the description, we didn't get too far with the game since this was our first Global Game Jam project, but we did make up the mechanics of it all at least.

The macOS and Linux downloads were too big to upload here, but if you're on either of those Operating Systems, you can download them on my itch.io here!