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Update 05.10.22 - Now the games are bundled together with an attractive launcher

Have you ever wanted to play more games from Tailfeather Studios? Upset at the fact that most of the games I've released are for RMN-only events? Well I have a solution to your problem! Introducing... The Soulbox! It's a pack of all of my event games and other smaller projects not worthy of their own page that you can download and play!

Included in the Soulbox are these games...

superpigeon97 and the quest to push the button (Make a Dumb Game This Weekend - 2018)
Superpigeon97 is a self-proclaimed "expert" of Minecraft. He keeps bragging about how his diamond tools and how his skills are better than everyone else's. Eventually this arrogant behaviour caught up with him though... One day, he hears about a rumour from another player. A button that, when pressed, will grant the one who pressed it amazing powers unlike anything else. Seeking these powers, he sets off on a quest...

Breaded n' Battered Demo (Theme Roulette 2 - 2019)
Deep in the oceans of New Earth lies Applewood Island, a paradise for food lovers. The waters are crystal clear, the aroma is decadent, and the island is inhabited by... living sandwiches??? Not all paradises last forever, though. The island's temperature became uncomfortably hot, and a force threatened to kill off the native population. After discovering this, Peeby and Colby look around for clues, to see what could be causing this, and what solutions there could be...

Lily's World (RMN 14th Birthday - 2021)
I'mma be honest with you, I didn't really think of plot for this game, not even when I was developing it... I guess Lily was brought into her own mind because of the darkness that was within her, and she needs to get rid of it all?

Here We Go Again (Lavender's 29th Birthday Game)
A platform game with time travel that I made for Lavender's 29th birthday. Unfortunately halfway through development my computer committed stop working so I wasn't able to polish it like I normally could.

Plus two additional titles!

So how much would you pay for this collection of these games? $30? $60? Even more?! NO! It's just $0.00! That's right $0.00 for all these games, it's an incredible value and it's true! So what are you waiting for?! Download now!

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