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In a virtual reality world structured much like internet chatrooms, four kids explore and transmit messages and files to their newfound friends. They must go through a series of challenges and mini-games to successfully transmit these messages to sustain their relationships. If they fail at any of the mini-games, the messages will be distorted and they may not correctly communicate what they intend to tell their new friends.

Complex.net is a 2D adventure game with point-and-click elements. There are many mini-games included ranging from quick-time events to puzzles, and even some learning Japanese!

This project was created for Global Game Jam 2018 (meaning we created it in under 48 hours). The entire game and all of its artwork were created in a single weekend by Steve Rakar and Michelle Rakar.

Latest Blog

Download Links Added

I added links to download the Windows and Linux versions!

The macOS download was too big to upload here, but if you're on that OS, you can download it on my itch.io here!