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Dedicated to those who believe in us.


"I can usually recognize the bums and drunkards that enter this bar, but you, I must say, you’re a face I’ve never seen around here."

You are Odysseus, a homesick, tired, and moribund pilgrim in a struggle to find meaning in life. Witness his journey and tragedy as he goes to a foreign city in the middle of winter in search of collecting money to continue traveling while meeting and helping all sorts of sad, broken people along the way.


Odysseus (Oh-DIS-yus) is a prequel and a demonstration of some of the content present in Raziel. Like the main game, it's an adventure-esque, atmospheric, and utterly poetic game where you wander about solving small tasks and meeting different kinds of people in a dirty and uncaring world.

The main objective is to make Odysseus collect enough money to continue traveling. It contains about 40 minutes to an hour of gameplay, and although being a supplementary media for another game, it manages to stand out as its own thing.

Like Raziel, it was made with RPG Maker 2000, with a custom message and climate system made with Destiny Patch V2.

The game is available in English, Russian, and Brazilian-Portuguese.


Project Director and Lead Writer
Carlos Davilla

Map Designer and Eventer
Daniel Rodrigues

System Programmer and Eventer

Original Soundtrack Composer
Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso

Concept Artist and Illustrator
Eduardo Arving

Art Cover


Carlos Davilla


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I like what I see. Really looking forward this one. And Raziel.
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