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Six months pass since the events of the first game, now a new and more powerful force with a large-scale army has appeared and seeks to claim the island on which Magi and her friends live.

Now it's up to Magi and her friends to fend off against this advanced empire with their own skills and aura techniques in order to defend their home from the invading force. It is in this story that we will also learn more about Magi's past and what possible future that lies in store for her.

Explore 14+ stages and learn new techniques by finding Aura Statues scattered throughout stages. The move set that Magi has in the first game is greatly expanded by also using the new Elemental Auras that will change some of Magi's techniques into completely new ones, which will open many ways to effectively slay enemies in your own comfortable style.

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  • 09/25/2021 02:23 PM
  • 01/13/2022 07:47 PM
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Love a good platform game. Keeping an eye on this :-)
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