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Standalone sequel to the RPG Maker heist game "Meta City Heist", with new and expanded gameplay elements. As a professional robber, you are tasked to steal precious loots from several highly secured locations. Purchase better gear and build your crew as you gain big bucks from your operations.

Following his release from prison and struggling to find his place in society, ex-robber Hector joins his partner-in-crime and friend Vince to perform a series of heists in order to amass enough money and escape the city.

Plan your heist - Get to know what you are up against before starting the heist. Discover opportunities and find out the best way to get to the loot.

Assemble your crew - 14 edgy/talented/eccentric individuals to recruit (including 5 unlockable secret characters), each with their own traits and unique skills.

Bring the right gear - Various weapons and tools at your disposal.

Go sneaky or go loud - Take hostages, lace drinks, bribe, intimidate and more. Try to complete your job while avoiding security systems and guards... OR just put on your mask, Blast your way to the loot with guns and explosives. It's your call.

  • 9 replayable and unique maps - bank, armored car, casino and more
  • Multiple ways to complete a job
  • Stealth mechanics - stay hidden and avoid detection
  • 5 unique ratings based on your job performance
  • Atmospheric soundtrack inspired by heist and crime genres
  • 3 endings
  • Freeplay mode - replay all jobs anytime, unlocked after completing the story

  • Movement - arrow keys
  • Action - Z / Enter / Space
  • Cancel - X / Esc
  • Menu - X / Esc
  • Run - Shift
  • Skip dialogue - Page Down

*Note: Some levels require keyboard input.

Content Advisory
  • Epilepsy warning: some levels have flashing screens
  • Violence
  • Alcohol and drug reference
  • Scripted simulated gambling
  • Some strong language

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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oh, this game looks quite interesting, I'll make sure to give it a play once it is completed!
Oh, this game looks quite interesting, I'll make sure to give it a play once it is completed!

Thanks! Stay tuned :)
I liked the first, so I am curious to see how will be this one! Seems there is room from many improvements over the first installment!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I've finished the first three heist of the game so far and am in the midst of tackling the next set of heists. The game has been quite fun so far, I really like the fact that one can approach a heist in a multitude of ways.
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