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How to unlock secret crew members


Robbie Hood
1. In ST. VITO CHURCH, donate 30,000$ to the beggar.

1. Find the golden ring in the sewers of AURIC DEPOSITORY.
2. In AREA 420, go to Beta Sector (north wing), toss the ring into the acid pool.

The Jester
1. Collect 5 playing cards, each can be found in these locations:
- ST. VITO CHURCH (in the drug lab)
- CAESAR ROYALE CASINO (in the kitchen)
- DWAYNE MANOR (2nd floor, behind a cactus plant at the right wing)
- NATIONAL ART MUSEUM (east wing, behind a large blue crystal)
- YAMATO PLAZA (inside the server room, behind a server rack at the left)
2. Return to the clown outside of NATIONAL ART MUSEUM and give him all 5 playing cards.

The Annoying Flyman
1. In YAMATO PLAZA, get alert and let police arrive, escape through rooftop and trigger a fight with Iguana-Man.
2. Defeat him to unlock The Annoying Flyman.

Dirty Larry
1. In ARMORED TRUCK, get the bounty poster (located outside of the bar, next to the vending machines)
2. In CAESAR ROYALE CASINO, talk to the guy with white cowboy hat in the VIP lounge and start a fight with him.
3. Defeat him to unlock Dirty Larry.