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Note: this is a commercial game, so you won't be able to download it from rpgmaker.net.
Here's the official itch.io page.


Mighty Milton and the Marvelous Mastermind's Maze is a meta-puzzle game with RPG elements. Help Milton escape from the Maze by solving puzzles and fighting enemies with the help of Metatron, your friendly guide inside the game.

This game is based on meta-narrative elements. You will be asked to interact with the files inside the game's directory. Be sure to keep a device with a QR Code reader with you!

You'll find everything you need inside the Metabag! Move the files around, rename them, extract files from encrypted folders. You'll find clues both inside and outside the game's world!

You can also unlock many outfits for Milton.

CLASSIC - Fight, learn new skills, enhance your characters.
PUZZLE - Turn off RPG elements to focus on puzzles and exploration.

Made by MissingSeven (LolloRocketDiver) with RPG Maker 2003 (ver.1.12a)

Game design and Graphics: MissingSeven
Music: Marllon Silva (xDeviruchi) https://xdeviruchi.itch.io/
8bit SFX: Jowdas and Brand Name Audio https://horror-studio.itch.io/ - https://www.youtube.com/c/brandnameaudio
Translation: CrawlingChaox, MissingSeven.

Latest Blog

1st Anniversary + 100%Free + New Skin!

Hi guys! Mighty Milton is now* one year old! Here's two gifts for Milton and one for players:

- Game is now 100% FREE!
- You can now download a New Skin for our beloved mouse!

Let's celebrate together, and don't forget to invite your friends! You can find the skin on itch.io page's download section and you can install it just like the other skins.

* It's 13 months old, you know... "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet, so... well, you got it.
  • Completed
  • LolloRocketDiver
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 10/02/2021 12:32 PM
  • 11/08/2022 06:14 PM
  • 10/02/2021
  • 3581
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