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**Pics of gameplay and art coming soon**

30 years have passed since the fall of the Neu-Eden Empire and peace has reigned over the world’s four governing powers. Lawful discrimination against Magic-Users has been put to an end and all traces of the 15-year-long conflict have faded into history.

But a new evil has emerged from seemingly nowhere in the form of a legion of Magic-Users people call “Redeyes.” Under the command of their leader, Mistress Valra, they have been slowly chipping away at the defenses of the desert kingdom, Tutankhamen. And what’s even more troubling is that these Magic-Users seem to possess the ability to briefly summon monsters to do their bidding! Neu-Eden’s now reformed government has sent troops to their allied country to help stamp out this new threat but little do they know, they play but a very small role in Valra’s ultimate plan.

Age: 29
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Commander of the Neu-Eden navy. He became commander simply by going through the motions, doing only just enough to get his rank. Afterall, he’s used to things coming easy to him, having a comfortable, safe upbringing. However, that’s not to say he’s a dull individual. He has a good sense of humor and a genuine interest in people. He will accomplish any mission and make sure that his comrades get through to the end as well.

Age: 15
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Citizen of the little village of Neflin. She lost her parents at a very young age and has been raised by Owen and his son Sai, who’re also her instructors. Rambunctious, impulsive, and relentlessly sarcastic. She’ll act on instinct and hardly ever has a filter, but she’s also equipped with an intelligence that rivals any adult. She’s a young woman ahead of her time and hates to be treated as anything less.

Age: 50
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

A dwarf from Mine Town. Son of the leader, in fact. He’s a man of many talents and has no problem wasting them. He’d much rather drink all night and sleep off the hangover the next day. He’s only traveling with everyone because A. his parents told him to; and B. he wants to help Master Owen, whom he idolizes. Like any dwarf, he’s loud, short-tempered, friendly, and intelligent. A true and loyal friend.

Age: 25
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

She grew up in a village of Magic-Users and ran away during her youth and trained in the Errol dojo to become a ninja assassin. While she may not be the best at her job, she has developed some crafty tricks and abilities that make her quite useful in a fight. A sarcastic, impatient, quick-witted rebel with a good heart.

Age: ??
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Not much is known about Rundy’s origins. Where did he come from? Who’re his parents? How old is he? All that’s known is that one day, he suddenly appeared before the Pollum wolves, begging them to let him into the tribe and train him to become a wolf… no really. They let him in, partly out of curiosity but mostly because he has the strength and ability to dig tunnels faster and move rocks and boulders that’re too heavy for them. Not very sharp but he’s loyal, kind, and hard working. More than worthy of “wolfmanship!”

Age: 30 (60 in human years)
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Yellow

King of the Pollum wolves. In the previous adventure, he had to take his kingdom back from a friend turned traitor (who was also responsible for Mielikki’s father’s death). Since then, he has lived up to his full potential as a leader and seems to always know how to keep his subjects and companions safe. Level-headed, brave, and fierce when he needs to be. The king of wolves is always a welcome addition to your fellowship.

Age: 20
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red

The princess of Paladium. She inherited her mother’s focused, no-nonsense attitude as well as the love for her people. But unlike her mother, she doesn’t have the knowledge or experience needed to rule a kingdom yet. She’ll need to put her training to practical use in order to prove to others that she is ready for the throne.

Plugin Credits:
Battle Engine Core
Action Sequence Pack 2
Animated SV Enemies
Turn Order Display
Battle Status Menu
Event Region Trigger

Super Tools Engine
Stat Distribution
Alternative Menu Screen

Victor Engine:
Basic Module
Fog And Overlay

Delay Title

Orange Mapshot

Yoji Jima:
Title Command Position

Music Credits:
Kevin Macleod
Turkey Dawg
Derek Feichter
Eric Matyar
Metien Music
Winglegs Seraph
Wolfman Sachs
Jonathan Shaw
David Vitar

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I just posted a little demo for Elvenpath WoS. The first half hour or so actually. The face art isn't done yet so the ones in this demo are only placeholders. If any of you know of anyone who can make facesets (at reasonable prices), shoot me a message with the details!

Thank you!

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