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Play as a party of four, consisting of a Holy Champion, a Witch, an Alchemist and the Angel of Victory, and defeat the Obsidian Dragon boss.

This is a short game, consisting of a single boss fight, following the rules set by the Boss Battle Build Bout contest held on rpgmakerweb.com.

The contest rules:
  • Your boss battle must be made from the template project found at the end of these rules.

  • Only add the resources you need to the template project

  • Your boss battle must be beatable within a 10 minute time limit for an average player. If you are able to beat it in 8 minutes, it will probably take someone who doesn’t know the mechanics much longer!

  • You may not include dialogue or tutorial text in your project. (Skill and Item descriptions are allowed)

  • Your first 3 heroes must be the classes determined by the hero polls. Your 4th hero can be any class you want. How you interpret these classes' abilities is up to you.

  • You must use the battler included in the Template as your boss. How you interpret it’s abilities is up to you.

  • You may use any materials (plugins, art, music, etc) that you have the legal right to use in a commercial project.

  • Include a list of credits for any materials used as an additional txt file (may be included at end of boss battle in project as well)

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